Interview Markus Schmidberger ,

Here is an interview with Markus Schmidberger, Senior Community Manager for is the exciting new cloud startup for scientific computing. It basically enables transition to a R and other platforms in the cloud and makes it very easy and secure from the traditional desktop/server model of operation.

Ajay- Describe the startup story for setting up

Markus- In 2010 the company founders Erik Muttersbach (TU München), Markus Fensterer (TU München) and Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen (WHU Vallendar) started with the development of the cloud computing environment. Continue reading “Interview Markus Schmidberger ,”

Running R Studio on a cloud computer for #rstats

So I decided to test the next iteration of and I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to start a Linux Cluster and start doing #Rstats computing

on the cloud using R Studio.

Here are some screenshots of my journey.




Register here if you like it-

Cloud Computing with #Rstats and

Some of you know that I am due to finish “R for Business Analytics” for Springer by Dec 2011 and “R for Cloud Computing” by Dec 2012. Accordingly while I am busy crunching out ” R for Business Analytics” which is a corporate business analyst\s view on using #Rstats, I am gathering material for the cloud computing book too.

I have been waiting for someone like for some time now, and I like their initial pricing structure.  As scale picks up, this should only get better. As a business Intelligence analyst, I wonder if they can help set up a dedicated or private cloud too for someone who wants a data mart solution to be done.The best thing I like about this- they have a referral scheme so if someone you know wants to test it out, well it gives you some freebies too in the form of an invitation code.





  • I read the instructions

  • I reviewed the pricing plan and click back to the dashboard 


  • I clicked on start new session

  • I click next
  • Choosing R from a very convenient interface design
  • Choosing all the applications I may need
  • This is a really nice feature in enabling to choose packages for R
  • Finally I can choose ONLY 7.5 gb RAM in the free version

I name the session in case I want to start multiple sessions

After waiting 15 minutes, my instance is up and I type R to get the following

Note I can also see the desktop- which is a great improvement over EC2 interface for R Cloud computing on Linux. Also it shuts down on its own if I leave it running (as of now after 180 minutes) so i click shut down session


You can click this link to try and get your own cloud in the sky for free -10 hours are free for you – #Rstats gets real in the cloud

I came across . Awesome name , I didnt know groovy domain names existed anymore.

What is – The website which looks like the website in style and design-


Things are still very raw here- but its an awesome concept. With 68 GB of Memory, I am sure R can blow away everything out of the water.

Probably the competition needs to ahem launch that private cloud soon, before they lose the momentum.

and you Get 2GB of storage, 2GB of traffic and 10h computation cost per month for free! I think this German startup has hit the nail on the head and it would be interesting to see what the future holds.


Check out yourself and/or see the video


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