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I got a note saying my entry below has been accepted for the Cloud Slam 09 Webinar

If you want to hear me speak on Cloud Computing, please mark your calendars for April 21.

Here is the Link to April 21 Webinar-




The cloud computing paradigm offers unparalleled access to computing resources both in terms of storage as well as processing power for developing countries.The use of predictive analytics and data mining has been hitherto restricted to an elite set of universities and organizations willing to invest tens of thousands in annual license 
fees to software companies like SAS ,SPSS,Oracle and SAP and even more in terms of network and server hardware costs to companies like HP,Dell and IBM.

Every two or three years, the hardware needed to be upgraded , thus putting total cost of ownership of predictive analytics, data driven decision making and resource planning well out of reach of a major part of the planet’s population.Copyright infringements and intellectual property violations further helped create a divide between advanced computing and those who needed it the most.

Now thanks to open source softwares, softwares as a service and cloud hosted processing , even a relatively non funded Indian or Asian or African university ,government office as well as small and medium enterprise can avail the advanced cost savings due to predictive analytics. This in turn will lead to a new era of resource optimized decision making, one which benefits all companies that offer the flexibility of cloud hosted applications to hitherto closed markets.

Which reminds me I have to prepare the presentation as well.I will post the slides and full article here on this blog too.

Speaking of Webinars, here is one which I am helping which tries to showcase technological methods including CRM and BI to help manage cost challenges and marketing ops in the recession. Its on 11 a.m. EST April 16, 2009

Friday OT: Eclectic

Eclectic the person said, across the ocean to me.

I did not know what the word meant,

I opened my dictionary.


I do good interviews, bad cartoons and mediocre poetry,

I blog and slog, making productive my eccentricities.


I love cloud computing, and with my head is in the clouds,

I try some coding too.

I dont get paid for that all,

Open source has money few.


Beating the recession, with the roller coaster ups and down,

Enjoying Indian elections, with a shoe throwing hack,

I focus on R code and cloud computing slams

But daily demands force me back


And if you ever feel overwhelmed,

with the boring drudgery and daily flim flam,

read some poetry from here

or there


Less expensive than a glass of wine,

Just as relaxing, works faster at times,

either moves you to tears or to sleep,

Irreverent and blas, these eclectic rhymes.


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PASW 13 :The preview

Here are some previews of the PASW the new suite of softwares by SPSS.


Auto Cluster

The Auto Cluster feature in PASW Modeler 13 creates, ranks, browses and visualizes models to identify which clusters offer the most effective cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, or reduce the propensity to churn.

Automatic Data Preparation

Automatic Data Preparation, a one-click feature in PASW Modeler 13, quickly flags problems such as missing data and recommends which sets of data to use for optimal results.


The new Comments feature is an invaluable collaborative tool that enables users to post quick notes directly into a particular model stream and communicate detail behind the logic used to create it.

PASW Statistics Integration

Now all the PASW Statistics modules and functionality can be used directly within Modeler 13 to conduct all statistical analysis without having to switch between applications.

The images were courtesy SPSS PR. But the website itself talks of much more

(Ajay- Much better revamped website for much better revamped  software 🙂 )

Use BI to say BYE to the recession

While the failure of predictive analytics models in the mortgage industry and financial services industry to PREDICT default rates started the recession,

here is something which may just ensure-

Why 2009 wont be like 1929.

Business Intelligence for better Decision Management.

Bad news on coming demand mismatch enabled faster decision making in cutting interest rates, coordinated global action. Inventories fell faster than expected, as companies aligned supply chains faster.



 A webinar coming up on April 16 on using Technology to beat the recession back.

Is this the beginning of the end of the recession? As Winston Churchill said- This may be the end of the beginning.

How are you using 2009 technology to align decision management in the current economic downturn? How much training are you giving yourself for these interesting times.

SPSS launches PASW 13

SPSS launches a new product.

From the official PR release –

PASW Modeler 13 (formerly Clementine) and PASW Text Analytics 13 (formerly Text Mining for Clementine) extend and automate the power of data mining and text analytics to the business user, while significantly enhancing the productivity, flexibility and performance of the expert analyst.

So Clementine users now get to use PASW Modeler 13.

Predictive Analytics Software, PASW, is the new name for the complete portfolio of SPSS Predictive Analytics products. This new naming standard unifies the product families under consistent and descriptive nomenclatures to reflect the broad functionality and seamless integration among all SPSS products.

The entire SPSS software portfolio will carry the PASW naming standard beginning with the releases of PASW Modeler 13 and PASW Text Analytics 13. Over the next year, new naming will be introduced at each release of the other SPSS products, including: PASW Statistics (formerly SPSS Statistics), PASW Data Collection (formerly Dimensions) and PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services (formerly Predictive Enterprise Services).

Jack Noonan, SPSS chairman, president and CEO, said, SPSS is the only Predictive Analytics vendor to deliver the depth and breadth of software to capture customer feedback, predict behaviors and then act on the results by improving business processes. With important and valued feedback from customers, we have created a new, over-arching product portfolio name that builds on our 40 year legacy of innovation, enhanced performance, and robust deployment capabilities in Predictive Analytics.

But is this just a re branding exercise or is there fresh meat behind the fresh name?

Stay tuned.

How to spend less time on Twitter and get more work done

If you are interested in using Twitter, cant spend too much time and often wonder Now What after sending an update —-this post may be right for you.

If you think Twitter is less important than reading email, this may help change your perspective.

If you don’t use Gmail and wont use Twitter, then this is an irrelevant post and you can skip to the end of the post)

Enter the Twitter Gadget



What does it do-

It embeds Twitter in a handy margin next to me. So I can do my emails ( which are on Gmail by the way) and also tweet from time to time.

Take a look. Read more here –





(Note from Ajay

Names of Twitter Applications begin with Tw (Tweet this tweet that) the same way names of  iphone applications begin with an iNote, iCare.

Fortunately names of Facebook applications do not begin with Fac.but you need to look harder to find where applications are in the new Facebook layout. The new FB layout should be called Flackbook but seriously)

Tweets, Viruses and Bubbles


Twitter seems to have some design flaws which may not have included the possibility of security concerns in its innocence.

A potential security concern is the automatic url shortening that twitter users use to send links to each other , you don’t know where you are being re directed to until you are there.

Identity theft is another concern – twitter users almost revel in sheer joy of opening up with un protected tweets.

A possible solution is having two twitter streams – one protected and personal while the other is for personal branding and promoting yourself.

This risk is enhanced with the sheer explosion of auto bots that feed off rss,automatically follow ,automatically send messages that say hello thanks for joining me. How do you know who the other person is ?

Inability to segment your followers into people I want to share this stuff with and people I don’t want to share this tweet with is thus a data concern ( unlike Facebook which does have multiple privacy levels for potential contacts)

I refuse to recognize that there is a recession going on. 

The sheer explosion of  twitter app developers see (just like the now not so chic Face Book application bubble) means that the techie world at least refuses to recognize the recession.

Innovation ,creative destruction and the invisible hand of economics are still working  even if the CEOs and Politicians have frozen.

Application developing bubbles are better than real estate bubbles as long as venture capitalists and website owners remember 2001 (Nasdaq)

On the 1 Billion refused by Twitter reportedlyThe inability of Twitter to upload, share pictures, share videos without diverting and losing traffic means they better start think slivers of stock for funding even if they don’t want to sell the whole company yet.

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