PASW 13 :The preview

Here are some previews of the PASW – the new suite of softwares by SPSS.


Auto Cluster

The Auto Cluster feature in PASW Modeler 13 creates, ranks, browses and visualizes models to identify which clusters offer the most effective cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, or reduce the propensity to churn.

Automatic Data Preparation

Automatic Data Preparation, a one-click feature in PASW Modeler 13, quickly flags problems such as missing data and recommends which sets of data to use for optimal results.


The new Comments feature is an invaluable collaborative tool that enables users to post quick notes directly into a particular model stream and communicate detail behind the logic used to create it.

PASW Statistics Integration

Now all the PASW Statistics modules and functionality can be used directly within Modeler 13 to conduct all statistical analysis without having to switch between applications.

The images were courtesy SPSS PR. But the website itself talks of much more

(Ajay- Much better revamped website for much better revamped  software 🙂 )

Author: Ajay Ohri

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