Analyzing Web Traffic by Google Trends

And the Google Lords are back with another software. This one helps analyze trends of websites (even if they are not yours) and so is pitched directly at Alexa .

It can be quite useful in analyzing internet web sites and also separating the fact and fiction from new web startups.And no you cant analyze Google sites from this software..the Sith Lords/Jedi of the internet thrive on mystery.

Here is an analysis of the big websites and you can see how Facebook overcame Myspace and why is such a prize for Microsoft.

chart_social_media.png -Light Blue  -Red -Orange -Green -Dark Blue

Plurk vs Twitter: Sweet and Bitter

This is my Twitter Page. Note that my updates go down vertically almost like a blog (hence a micro blog)


This is my page. The updates go Horizontally almost like a Gantt Chart. This tool can be used for tracking projects also especially large , on the web projects…okay I am kidding.


The change is nice…but Twitter is where my pals are.

Whats your micro blog ? (A micro blog is just a tool where you update your status continuously like  , to tell your friends , family or publish your stories /links to your latest blog posts). It is fun and sometimes very useful.

Review -Sarkar Raj


Review -Bollywood Version of Godfather2 :Sarkar Raj

Okay , its not as good as Sarkar , the original “tribute” to Copolla’s classic Godfather by the maverick down again , up again desi Tarintino ,Ram Gopal Verma (who returns as director ). But thats true even of Godfather 2, and most sequels .

The good news – it is good enough for fans of pulp fiction style, violence ,strategy and intelligent movies. All and out a guy’s movie, Sarkar Raj is faster, bloodier , resorts to more camera tricks as if RGV is trying to prove something, and by the end of the movie he proves why he is the best director of violent Bollywood movies in the past two decades.

A stellar star cast by India ‘s first family of acting, sees a violent and overweight Abhishek Bachhan playing Shanker “Remorseless” Nagre, Aishwarya Rai Bachhan playing beautiful ,and unwitting trap for him, and Amitabh as the aging and still defiant patriach. With a few hints to the Enron power project in Maharashtra , some classic Marathi pandering and even bold Thackeray family like hints (including the suffix “Raj” .)…this one is for you to go with your beer drinking buddies alone…… and enjoy. Definitely paisa wasool (thats value for money in Hindi) for a watch, and go with the subtitles version …it works equally well.


5 Web Analytics Softwares (apart from Google)

The following softwares are also recommended for web analytics (or analyzing traffic to your website)

1) Index Tools (acquired by Yahoo in April , thats 2 months ago) and now reportedly free .It is considered comparable in most features to Omniture , the market leader (see below)

2) Omniture

The leading professional web analytics software. The only caveat is the premium cost.

3) Get Clicky

4) Sitemeter (Small , useful for counting traffics, not useful for graphics rich sites)

5) Microsoft’s Answer (Adcentre -Analytics)

So here are 5 alternative ways to Google Analytics and thus have more , better control over your data.

The actual software used should be dependent on

your budget,

anticipated traffic and

subject matter domain of website.

Poem-Why are we creative ?

root cause of creativity

is most often necessity

to improvise and move on ahead

often is a matter of butter and bread

sometimes its just an whimsical

impulse created out of sheer boredom

dissatisfaction with the prevailing status quo

may lead to bursts of creativity for me and you

Modern scientists say creativity is affected by the serotonin in  your brain

I think it’s simpler – a desire to break out of your mundane daily pain

Ode to an Ipod

Day before yesterday,

My younger borther gifted me an Ipod

for my 31 st birthday.

And now I am in love,

life a gift from heaven above,

with the smooth ipod,

in her little black dress.


The sound is good, the design is cool,

31 years it took me to realize I am a fool.

Why i didnot buy the I pod before ,

Why didnot I visit the i-tunes store.

And my friend Billy Joel sings,

his heart out on silvery ipod wings,

I rotate the dial a bit,

The songs are old, but they are still an hit.

Now I am maybe old, and getting older still,

but the Ipod classic gives my heart a thrill .

Whats your excuse mister, why dont you buy it too,

Give life some meaning , with more music in you.

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