5 Web Analytics Softwares (apart from Google)

The following softwares are also recommended for web analytics (or analyzing traffic to your website)

1) Index Tools (acquired by Yahoo in April , thats 2 months ago) and now reportedly free .It is considered comparable in most features to Omniture , the market leader (see below)


2) Omniture

The leading professional web analytics software. The only caveat is the premium cost.


3) Get Clicky


4) Sitemeter (Small , useful for counting traffics, not useful for graphics rich sites)


5) Microsoft’s Answer (Adcentre -Analytics)


So here are 5 alternative ways to Google Analytics and thus have more , better control over your data.

The actual software used should be dependent on

your budget,

anticipated traffic and

subject matter domain of website.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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