Ode to an Ipod

Day before yesterday,

My younger borther gifted me an Ipod

for my 31 st birthday.

And now I am in love,

life a gift from heaven above,

with the smooth ipod,

in her little black dress.


The sound is good, the design is cool,

31 years it took me to realize I am a fool.

Why i didnot buy the I pod before ,

Why didnot I visit the i-tunes store.

And my friend Billy Joel sings,

his heart out on silvery ipod wings,

I rotate the dial a bit,

The songs are old, but they are still an hit.

Now I am maybe old, and getting older still,

but the Ipod classic gives my heart a thrill .

Whats your excuse mister, why dont you buy it too,

Give life some meaning , with more music in you.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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