MS Smacks Google Docs with Slideshare

Our favorite drop outs from the Phd Program just learned that they should not moon the giant. The company founded in Paul Allen building at Stanford, also known as Gogol /Google announced they would create a Cloud OS with much fan fare. Only to find their own cloud prodocutivity offering Google Docs bested by Slideshare.

Now you can import your Gmail attachments Google docs into slideshare, for much better professional sharing within your office.

Here is an embedded SlideShare ppt called Google Hacks, note the much better visual appeal in this vis a vis your Google Docs.

Well as for the Stanford dropouts this is what happens when you dont complete your Phd education.


As per Cloud Computing and Office productivity goes,

Harvard Dropouts (Microsoft) 1- Stanford Dropouts ( Google) 0

Unless Google creates a cloud version of Open Office- but who needs that anyway?

who needs search- just ctrl F

Google Hacks

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Disclaimer- The author uses Google Docs extensively. If you are from Google. Please do not block his Gmail id , guys.
Academic Disclaimer-The author intends to complete his Phd. these are his personal views only.

Best of Decision Stats- Modeling and Text Mining Part3

Here are some of the top articles by way of views, in an  area I love– of modeling and text mining.

1) Karl Rexer – Rexer Analytics

Karl produces one of the most respected surveys that captures emerging trends in data mining and technology. Karl was also one of the most enthusiastic people I have interviewed- and I am thankful for his help in getting me some more interviews.

2) Gregory Piatesky Shapiro

One of the earliest and easily the best Knowledge Discoverer of all times, Gregory produces and the newsletter is easily the must newsletter to be on. Gregory was doing data mining , while the Google boys were still debating whether to drop out of Stanford or not.
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Saving Sergei Sergeivich

One of the most brilliant mathematics students of all time was a person named Sergey Brin. Today at 36 years old, and more billions than he ever cares for- he should ponder his mother’s wish for him to see him complete his Phd is more important or is his own indispensability to Google. The Google share price having fallen by 50 % over the past one year, what more could it fall.

An year or two is all it takes, and with his genetic tendency to Alzheimer’s disease – time is running out for Sergey Brin to leave the board room for the classrooms he left one decade ago. If Google cannot take one year without him, then Google is not as stable as we think.

What if Einstein started opening startups, or Fermi decided joining Board room was important than theorems- Where would we all be ?

In any case, this is a Facebook cause –

Sergey Brin Needs to Finish his Phd


1. Non Abusive
2. Scientific Debate
3. Science versus Commerce
4. Should a brilliant scientist be seduced by money?
5. If all teachers become businessmen, what will happen to the children

Public Advocacy – Philanthropy Volunteerism and Public Benefit

Also see Mr Brin’s academic paper-

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