Best of Decision Stats- Modeling and Text Mining Part3

Here are some of the top articles by way of views, in an  area I love– of modeling and text mining.

1) Karl Rexer – Rexer Analytics

Karl produces one of the most respected surveys that captures emerging trends in data mining and technology. Karl was also one of the most enthusiastic people I have interviewed- and I am thankful for his help in getting me some more interviews.

2) Gregory Piatesky Shapiro

One of the earliest and easily the best Knowledge Discoverer of all times, Gregory produces and the newsletter is easily the must newsletter to be on. Gregory was doing data mining , while the Google boys were still debating whether to drop out of Stanford or not.

3) SPSS – Oliver Jouve

This was a special interview coming after the rebranding of SPSS products to PASW. SPSS products are good- I like the clean intutive and neat GUI best of all.

4) KXEN – Francoise Soulie Fogelman

I briefly consulted for KXEN advising on social media, but this interview preceded that contract. Francoise is such knowledge and easily the KXEN software automation for building models is one must try software. I am also apprectiative of Roger Hadaad, who was the first company chairman  to give an interview to me, back in late 2008, when Decisionstats was still finding it’s way. Personal favourites apart- KXEN software impressed me with the speed of creating a model and portability across various platforms. This interview is a great revealer for that.

5) SPSS Jon Peck

Jon Peck was and remains SPSS ‘s top technical guy and well respcted within the SPSS community. Wherever Jon goes next, he would take a train of admirers and clients. Here he explains the R and SPSS link along with the Python functionality supported by SPSS.

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