I have been busy-

1) Finally my divorce came through. My advice – dont do it without a pre-nup ! Alimony means all the money.

2) Spending time on Quora after getting bored from LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook,Google Plus,Tumblr, WordPress

See this answer to-

 What are common misconceptions about startups?

1) we will change the world
2) if we get 1% of a billion people market, we will be rich
3) if we have got funding, most of the job is done
4) lets pay ourselves high salaries since we got funded
5) our idea is awesome and cant be copied, improvised, stolen, replicated
6) startups are painless
7) it is a better life than a corporate career
8) long term vision is important than short term cash burn
9) we will never sell out or exit. never
10) its a great idea to make startups with friend

Say hello to me – http://www.quora.com/Ajay-Ohri/answers

3) Writing freelance articles on APIs for Programmable Web

Why write pro? See point 1)

Recent Articles-




4) Writing poetry on http://poemsforkush.com/. It now gets 23000 views a month. I wish I could say my poems were great, but the readers are kind (364 subscribers!) and also Google Image Search is very very kind.

5) Kicking tires with next book ” R for Cloud Computing” and be tuned for another writing announcement

6) Waiting for Paul Kent, VP, SAS Big Data to reply to my emails for interview after HE promised me!! You dont get to 105 interviews without being a bit stubborn!

7) Sighing on politics engulfing my American friends especially with regards to Chic-fil-A and Romney’s gaffes. Now thats what I call a first world problem! Protesting by eating or boycotting chicken sandwiches! In India we had the world’s biggest blackout two days in a row- and no one is attending the Hunger Fast against corruption protests!

8) Watching Olympics! Our glorious nation of 1.2 billion very smart people has managed to win 1 Bronze till today!! Michael Phelps has won more medals and more gold than the whole of  India has since the Olympics Games began!!

9) Consulting to pay the bills. includes writing R code, making presentations. Why consult when I have writing to do? See point 1)

10) Reading New York Times to get insights on Big Data and Analytics. Trust them- they know what they are doing!

Olympics and Other Stuff

1) Why are track atheletes all black, and  swimmers all white.

2) If the guy who wins it all gets million dollars contracts, what about the people who

play just for love of the game.

3) Why do countries fight wars in the middle of Olympics

4) Why cant we have it once in every two years . Or more than three medals.

5) When did you last use bronze for something.

Why are you reading this instead of watching the highlights 🙂

Google Docs and The Olympics

I did a graphical analysis of Olympic Medal Distributions here


After ranking the countries, and doing logs of their medals, I did the graphs (they are in sheet 2) – here are the findings

1) Log Bronze Medals is like a step function across countries

2)Total Medals is like a Poisson function.

3) Log Total Medals is like a nice Lorenze curve like figure.

4) Google docs charts is not as good as excel , but they are coming close.

5)Google docs charts are no MS silverlight when it comes to showing online graphs.

But they are ready to be published on the web in 5 mins.

6) if Michael Phelps was a country , he would be number 6 or 7.

7) China leads in gold medals (equal to next three US, Russia and UK combined)

8) US leads in total medals.

9) Worst per capita medal tally (non zero) would be India. 3 Medals per billion people.This is the first time India has won more than 1 medal in an Olympics though. We are still very very very happy about it.

10) Sports and Olympics are cool stuff. Despite the country rankings, most countries love sports.

Number 10 is not based on data but on hope. A special thanks to discussions which inspired this .http://www.listserv.uga.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0808C&L=sas-l&D=1&O=D&P=42233

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