The Ethics of a Spy

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(dedicated to all the intelligence agencies in the world. All of them except those that kill their own countrymen)

The Ethics of a Spy

is never to question Why

Instead  pause and wait

Act now, before it is too late

We wait and watch

with the worst kind of homo sapiens

hoping our soul is not as corrupted

We are the watchers, the perpetual legal aliens

The ethics of a cop

May be to who dun it or stop

But the ethics of spy

Is to act now before people die

The Flotilla 13, The Alpha Team, The Seals, The Cobras

We are all brothers from the other mothers

We destroy our souls so we can save

Humanity from destroying itself.

Every man we killed

Haunts us in our dreams

Every woman we loved

was the one and truly love it seems

Those who live by the sword

Shall die by the sword too

But if that is any excuse for not doing

Then you must be a bigger foo

The ethics of a spy

is never to ask why

But to find and search

Protect the sheep from stumbling in the lurch

And when it is all over

The lucky ones are already dead

Old spies never die

We just wait for another op till the end.


  1. An Exotic Tool for Espionage: Moral Compass
  2. Ethics of Spying: A Reader for the Intelligence Professional [Paperback]

Image: Spy vs. Spy is the property of Mad Magazine.

Climate Die Oxide ( Updated)

Here is some room for thought in climate control negotiations.


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1) What is the expected date of melting of glaciers in Himalayas thus affecting sacred rivers like Ganges and also causing floods in densely populated Asia. How would nation states with shareable resources like Water react on the disputes, dams , hydro electricity and floods.

2) How would you count per capita CO2 consumption- Assume a Factory in China makes 3 tonnes of C02 every year but exports all its products to USA on Indian Cargo ship. Travel contributes another 1 tonne of C02 including air travel, visits etc.

As of now this will be counted as 3 tonne for China, 1 Tonne for India, X tonne for USA ? What is wrong in these assumptions.

3) Some countries that used to be cold will get warmer- will that lead to extra crops. Which countries will that be.

4) It took a world war to create fission. Will it take another World War on Energy to create fusion. How much energy and resources are needed for creating a dedicated project ManHatten 2 for sharing with the world.

5) Most of the bigger data owned by climate change observations is in the Western Hemisphere under National labs not under UN control OR INSPECTION. How sacrosanct is the data to fudging, or infiltration by intelligence agencies of those countries hoping to influence bargaining chips on the climate change table.

6) Are there last action military ways to change climate during wars- like cause glaciers to melt by thermal bombs, earthquakes by seismic sensitive explosions and how high tech are these solutions and which countries have them.

7) If the planet is running out of Resources- why dont we go to Mars. 🙂


Note this is from 2006 Data, so assume 2009 CO2 as more than this.

Data Source-

TN guys at ORNL at

Data Visualization: MANY EYES IBM

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