Google Maps – Jet Ski across Pacific Ocean

Don’t belive it huh

Go to

Instruction 43: (From Japan to China) is Jet Ski for 782 km

Very funny- and maybe an easter egg

IBM Business Analytics Forum

IBM Cognos is about to be launced next month, and Cognos Forum and SPSS Directions have merged to form Business Analytics Forum.

Cognos and SPSS bundled together is a formidable software package for business analysts.


SPSS Directions


SPSS is bringing Directions – its conference in Las Vegas. I am probably skipping this one due to my illness post travel- but it sure seems interesting for potential SPSS watchers as well as competitors in what direction will the IBM- SPSS combine move. Interesting co-sponsor SAP which until recently had been warming up to TeraData (and through it)  SAS Institute.

It would be interesting to see if they combine some of the IBM Cognos reporting software with some in future prediction intervals thanks to SPSS analytics.

Like Sales Jan- Mar 2009  Apr-Jun 2009 Jul-Aug 2009 Sep -Dec 2009 ( expected)

Also of interest- how would SPSS react to cloud computing paradigms, software as a service licensing , existing R – Python support and potential cross sell opportunities to existing customer base for IBM.