Book Review- Laws of Simplicity -John Maeda

Simple Review- Simple 100 Page Book Expounding on Ten Laws of Simplicity with Profound Applications in Design.

Complex Review-An excellent book by MIT Design Guru, John Maeda, it talks of the essential process in thinking in simplified manner and the tremendous edge that product and service strategists can gain from it. Essential reading for any strategist and can be read in an hour or two as well.

The Ten Laws are-

  1. Reduce
  2. Organize
  3. Time- Reduce time to do things
  4. Learn
  5. Differences
  6. Context- Appropriate
  7. Emotion- More
  8. Trust-
  9. Failure- What we cant simplify
  10. The One- Subtract obvious and add the meaningful

Three Keys

  1. Away-More appears like less by simply moving it far, far away.
  2. Open- Openness simplifies complexity.
  3. Power- Use less, gain more.

An abstract video on the same is here

or you can watch the TED talk yourself at

Book Review (short) Data Driven-Profiting from your most important business asset -Tom Redman

Once in a whle comes a book that squeezes a lot of common sense in easy to execute paradigms, adds some flavours of anecdotes and adds penetrating insights as the topping. The Book Data Driven by Tom Redman is such a book- and it may rightly called the successor to the now epic Davenport Tome on Competing on Analytics.

Data Driven, the book is divided in 3 parts.

1) Data Quality – Including opportunity costs of bad data management.

2)  Putting Data and Information to work

3) Creating a Management system for Data and Information.

At 218 pages not including the appendix- this is one easy read for someone who needs to refresh their mental batteries with data hygiene perspectives. With terrific wisdom and easy to communicate language and paradigms this would surely mark another important chapter in bring data quality to the forefront rather than the back burner of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. All the trillion dollar algorthms in the world and software is useless without data qquality. Read this book and it will show you how to use the most important valuable and under used asset- data.

Decisionstats| Miscellaneous Part 5

If you think that adding a seperate category for poetry and humourous articles is too much, well it seems the most popular articles came from this section., The poemon Michael Jackson continues to be all time 1, in terms of number of page views (I had hoped one of the interviews would be number 1), and the breakthrough article on Not using R is even quoted in Australia in a university course on data mining. lol!


Poem on MJ. Tribute. May he R.I.P.

2) Top Ten Reasons R language is bad for you. Satire and tongue firmly Continue reading “Decisionstats| Miscellaneous Part 5”

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