Google Instant could kill Black-Hat SEO

Google Instant is a relatively newer feature in Google Search Engine- it suggests websites at each type of keyword rather than wait for you to type the whole keyword.

The impact on user experience is incredible- rather than search or scroll through the results- you are more likely to click on the almost one of the ten websites you would have seen by the time you finished typing- or just clicking on the relevant ad (which probably changes on the right margin as fast as the websites below)

This spells a death for all those who indulged in black hat SEO– or link building, link exchanging- as these techniques pushed up your rank in search page only incrementally and rarely to the top 2-3 for a keyword.

Remember the size of the screen is such that each Google instant snapshot basically shows you or rather makes you focus on the top ranked search (and then presumably type on to get a newer result- rather than scroll down as the case was before).

It would be interesting to see or research the effect of keywords in the auction pricing, as well as compare those keyword pricing with Maybe there should be a website api tool for advertisers -like Adwords Instant that would show them the price instantly of keywords,comparison with Bing AND the search engine results for the keyword in a visual way.

Anyways- it is a incredible innovation and it is good Google is back to the math after the flings with being “Mad Men” of advertising.

and yes- I heard there is a new movie coming- it is called “The Search Engine” 🙂

An interesting web hack is Google Images Instant at

UPDATE Twitter starts using Speedbit (powered by Yahoo-Bing?) for search

UPDATED Twitter is back to usual search results. It may have been a test of new (or newer twitter) which got live before it should be.



Go to twitter-I did

and search for keywords

When you hit search you go to Speedbit, powered by Yahoo!

Bring it on Bing

A few notes on Bing


  • The design is better ( read newer). Google still thinks design is something they studied and forgot in semester 1 of engineering – but the Ipod like design is cool.
  • I like the preview link  feature- just hover the mouse to get a sleak preview of what the searh page goes to- it saves time I think A LOT.
  • Surprisingly the results are more and in different order than Google
  • Images result was again different than Google but I liked the images options on left margin
  • Google results are still more pertinent ( but not much) on the first page but Bing’s archive seemed fresher ( like catching my Linkedin profile changed url while Google gave an error)

Overall summary- it is NEW and DIFFERENT and GOOD. Good enough to add to the toolbar. But not great enough to leave 8 year old habits of Googling it. Unless Google guys really bung it up.



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