Bring it on Bing

A few notes on Bing


  • The design is better ( read newer). Google still thinks design is something they studied and forgot in semester 1 of engineering – but the Ipod like design is cool.
  • I like the preview link  feature- just hover the mouse to get a sleak preview of what the searh page goes to- it saves time I think A LOT.
  • Surprisingly the results are more and in different order than Google
  • Images result was again different than Google but I liked the images options on left margin
  • Google results are still more pertinent ( but not much) on the first page but Bing’s archive seemed fresher ( like catching my Linkedin profile changed url while Google gave an error)

Overall summary- it is NEW and DIFFERENT and GOOD. Good enough to add to the toolbar. But not great enough to leave 8 year old habits of Googling it. Unless Google guys really bung it up.



Author: Ajay Ohri

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