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A new release of the R GUI Rattle is making its way to CRAN (currently on the Austrian server).

Latest version 2.5.47 (revision 527) released 13 Nov 2010.

Change Log link for details –

Major changes relate to simplifying the installation of Rattle under the recently released R 2.12.0 on Microsoft Windows 32bit and 64bit.

The major advance for R 2.12.0 is the improved support for 64bit Microsoft Windows and thus support for much larger datasets in memory.

See the new installation steps at

For Microsoft Windows installations, to upgrade your Rattle installation you may need to remove any old installs of the Gtk+ libraries using the Uninstall application from the Microsoft Windows Control Panel). Then install the new Gtk2 library:

You can the update Rattle to version 2.5.47:

> install.packages(“rattle“)


The output from will include an “install.packages” command that will identify Rattle related packages that have updates available. You can cut-and-paste that command to the R prompt to have those packages updated in your installation.

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Author: Ajay Ohri

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