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SPSS is bringing Directions – its conference in Las Vegas. I am probably skipping this one due to my illness post travel- but it sure seems interesting for potential SPSS watchers as well as competitors in what direction will the IBM- SPSS combine move. Interesting co-sponsor SAP which until recently had been warming up to TeraData (and through it)  SAS Institute.

It would be interesting to see if they combine some of the IBM Cognos reporting software with some in future prediction intervals thanks to SPSS analytics.

Like Sales Jan- Mar 2009  Apr-Jun 2009 Jul-Aug 2009 Sep -Dec 2009 ( expected)

Also of interest- how would SPSS react to cloud computing paradigms, software as a service licensing , existing R – Python support and potential cross sell opportunities to existing customer base for IBM.



Running Stats Softwares on Clouds

If you have a small beatup laptop and want to rent say heavy hardware and expensive software, a technology demonstration is underway at www.analysis.utk.edu

We basically use a Citrix Server to run R, SAS and JMP ( among others on the Web through the browser)

Note- If you just run this on a normal Web Server with lots of hardware packed behind it- you can start giving cloud computing solutions to your clients for free.

And eliminate the OS ( Windows unless you like them ) and HW ( Read HP etc etc)

thus reducing Total Cost of Ownership for your final customers.

Is Revolution / SAS / SPSS Listening.

See Screenshot-

(Note this can be of terrific use for say software companies wanting to license out new markets in Asia as they can also analyze usage data and share the efficiencies with newer users. By adopting a Software as a Service Model ( by optimizing the revenue stream for cannibalization effects) they can also gain an advantage over more established players ( like R and SPSS /IBM can do with its need for more hardware and broader sales and distribution network)

Note- these are my personal views only and dont represent the University’s views. For more on University of Tennessee ‘s technology initiatives please go to http://oit.utk.edu/index.php where Scott Studham is using his expertise to revolutionalize the way education costs can be lowered using technology.


Audio Interview Anne Milley , Part 1

Here is an interview I did at M2009 with Anne Milley, senior SAS Strategist – This is an audio interview so listen on-


or if bandwidth is too slow, you can download the interview here itself







Faye Meredith of SAS was kind enough to speak aloud the questions

This was a nice follow up on the March interview



Anne H. Milley is senior director of SAS’ technology product marketing in worldwide marketing, Anne Milley oversees the marketing of SAS technologies.  Her ties to SAS began with her thesis on bank failure prediction models and the term structure of interest rates.  She completed this at The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas and became a manager in the credit group.  She continued her use of SAS at 7-Eleven, Inc. as a senior business consultant performing sales analysis and designing and conducting tests to aid in strategic decision-making, e.g., price sensitivity studies, advertising and promotion analysis.

Milley has authored various papers, articles and an award-winning report for the 1999 KDD Contest: http://www-cse.ucsd.edu/users/elkan/kdresults.html.  She co-chaired the SAS Data Mining Technology Conferences, M2001 and M2002 as well as SAS’ inaugural forecasting conference, F2006.  She has served on web mining committees for KDD and SIAM and on the Scientific Advisory Committee for Data Mining 2002.  In 2008 she completed a 5-month working sabbatical at a major financial services company in the United Kingdom.

Disclaimer- Travel and Stay Expenses to Data Mining 2009 were paid for me by SAS Institute. This is as per FCC regulations to bloggers. All opinions expressed are personal and not representing any organization.

Data Mining 2009- Using IPhone 3GS for Audio Interviews

I just used an I Phone 3GS for the interviews at Data Mining 2009 . The next time some one comes to your company claiming to be a social media expert to do a podcast or webcast etc. –

you can show them the I Phone and use the Voice Memos function to record it yourself.

Caveat audio- records at 1 MB/Minute and more than 5 minutes can be boring to listeners as well as Iphone can send only 5 mb files by email to yourself)

If you insist on doing more than 5 minute interviews- you can save it on the 80 Gb disc of the IPhone and use ITunes to set up your Podcast.

I believe that traditional PR needs to adapt and learn these techniques less they fail to adopt to the technology changes and this is especially true for public relations for technology companies.

The I Phone has a lot of features and you can even combine them with websites like www.ustream.com to create a Video Podcast.

For free.

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