Data Mining 2009- Using IPhone 3GS for Audio Interviews

I just used an I Phone 3GS for the interviews at Data Mining 2009 . The next time some one comes to your company claiming to be a social media expert to do a podcast or webcast etc. –

you can show them the I Phone and use the Voice Memos function to record it yourself.

Caveat audio- records at 1 MB/Minute and more than 5 minutes can be boring to listeners as well as Iphone can send only 5 mb files by email to yourself)

If you insist on doing more than 5 minute interviews- you can save it on the 80 Gb disc of the IPhone and use ITunes to set up your Podcast.

I believe that traditional PR needs to adapt and learn these techniques less they fail to adopt to the technology changes and this is especially true for public relations for technology companies.

The I Phone has a lot of features and you can even combine them with websites like to create a Video Podcast.

For free.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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