Data Mining Survey Results :Tools and Offshoring

Here are some survey results from  Rexer Analytics

The Graphics seem self explanatory: terrific Data Visualization

1) The field of Data Mining seems ripe for either more offshoring to cut down costs or

there will be price pressures to cut costs on software ( read More R and SaaS) and Hardware ( more cloud /time sharing  ?)

2) Satisfaction with both R and SAS seems similar but R seems to score higher than other flavors.

3) An added dimension of  utility ( or say

(satisfaction in terms of analyst comfort + functionality in terms of business benefit) divided by (License + Training + Installation + Transition costs)

would have even extra analysis.

But these are not final results- for that you need to see Dr Karl at Rexer Analytics

KXEN as in Customer Survey

KXEN is sharing its survey results transparently unlike other survey results that hide their methodology behind language of English rather than language of Maths. Well KXEN doesnt and they shared the raw data.

Here are some of them-

Answer Options Strongly disagree + disagree Strongly agree + agree
KXEN Solutions are easy to install, configure and administrate. 6.12% 93.88%
KXEN Solutions are easy to use. 0.00% 100.00%
KXEN Graphical User Interface (GUI) is user-friendly. 10.00% 90.00%
KXEN on-line helps & documentation are comprehensive, explicit, clear and well-illustrated. 31.91% 68.09%
KXEN provides you with all functionalities you expected. 17.24% 82.76%
KXEN delivers high quality results and outputs. 5.17% 94.83%
Projects involving KXEN are fast implemented. 5.17% 94.83%
KXEN connexions to data sources are reliable and effective. 4.00% 96.00%
Service(s) received was(were) performed by attentive and professional KXEN people. 0.00% 100.00%
KXEN is the main datamining solution you are using. 20.75% 79.25%
KXEN is the main datamining solution in your company. 36.96% 63.04%
KXEN embraces a great datamining methodology. 3.85% 96.15%
KXEN is really helpful in your day to day operations. 6.00% 94.00%
KXEN helped you improve your overall business. 2.04% 97.96%
KXEN speeded up your modeling activities. 1.89% 98.11%
KXEN helped increase the value of Predictive Analytics in your company. 4.35% 95.65%
KXEN is strategic for your activity. 10.00% 90.00%
KXEN is strategic for your company. 20.00% 80.00%
You are told about KXEN updates and latest news. 13.04% 86.96%
You would recommend KXEN to a colleague. 0.00% 100.00%
You would recommend KXEN to a friend. 2.04% 97.96%



and the summarization


and to conclude


Ajay- I had a look at the raw data and had discussions with Rexer analytics ( an interview coming up) on how they do their independent surveys. The above results seem specific, measurable and transparent from a customer point of view.

Visit for better understanding.

Disclaimer- I am a consultant on social media to KXEN


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