Top Cartoonists:Updated

Here is a list of cartoonists I follow- I sometimes think they make more sense than all the news media combined.

1) Mike Luckovich He is a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for AJC at

I love his political satire-sometimes not his politics- though he is a liberal (surprisingly most people from creative arts tend to be liberal- guess because they support and need welfare more, ūüôā ) Since I am in India- I call myself a conservative (when filing taxes) or liberal (when drinking er tea)

2) Hugh Mcleod- of Gaping Void is very different from Mike above, in the way an abstract painter would be from a classical

artist. I like his satire on internet, technology and personal favorite – social media consultants. Hugh casts a critical eye on the world of tech and is an immensely successful artist- probably the Andy Warhol of this genre in a generation.

3) Doug Savage of Savage Chickens has a great series of funny cartoons based on chickens drawn on Post it notes. While his drawing is less abstract than Hugh’s above, he sometimes touches an irreverent note more like Hugh than anyone else.

4) Professor Jorge Cham of Phd Comics is probably the most read comic in grad school  Рand probably the only cartoonist with a Phd I know of.

5) Scott Adams of Dilbert is probably the first “non kid stuff” cartoonist I started reading-in fact I once wrote to him asking for advice on my poetry to his credit- he replied with a single ” Best of Luck email”

They named our email server in Lucknow, UP, India for him (in my business school at ) Probably the best of corporate toon humor. Maybe they should make the Dilbert movie yet.

6) Randall Munroe of

XKCD is geek cartooning at its best.

For catching up with the best toons in a week, the best is ‘s weekly list at

It is the best collection of political cartoons.

Christmas Carol: The Best Software (BI-Stats-Analytics)

There is no best software- they are just optimized for various constraints and tangible as well as intangible needs as defined for users.

  1. There is no best software- they are just optimized for various constraints and tangible as well as intangible needs as defined for users.  ( Image below Citation- )
  2. Price in products is defined as Demand divided by Supply. Sometimes this is Expected Demand over Expected Supply ( see Oil Prices) Everyone grumbles over prices but we pay what we think is fair. ( citation
  3. Prices in services are defined by value creation as well- Value= Benefit Divided by Cost  Benefits are tangible as in how much money it saves in fraud as well as intangible Рhow easy it is to start using JMP versus R Commander  Costs are Tangible- How much do we have to pay using our cheque book for this annual license or perpetual license or one time license or maintain contract or application support.Intangible costs are how long I have to hold the phone while talking to customer support and how much time it takes me to find the best solution using the website on my own without a sales person bothering me with frequent calls. (citation-
  4. All sales people ( especially in the software industry) spam you with frequent calls, email reminders and how their company is the best company ever with the best software in the history of mankind. That is their job and they are pushed by sales quotas and pulled by their own enthusiasm to sell more to same customer. If you ever bought three licences and found out you just needed two at the end of the year- forgive the salesman. As Arthur Miller said’ All Salesmen are Dreamers ¬†(Citation of STATA graph below
  5. Technology moves faster than you can say Jackie Robinson. and it is getting faster. Research and Development ( R and D) will always move slower than the speed at which Marketing thinks they can move. See for more insights on this. You either build a Billion Dollar in house lab ( like Palo Alto – remember) or you go for total outsourcing (like semi conductors and open source do). Or you go for a mix and match. ( Citation- )

Based on the above parameters the best statistical software for 2009 continues to be the software that uses a mixture of Genetic Algorithms, Time Series Based Regression and Sampling – it is the software that runs in the head of the statistical /mathematical / customer BRAIN

Thats the best Software ever.

(Citation – Hugh of )

Happy Hols

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