Using Chromium /Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

Here is a preview of the “unstable” version ( quite stable actually but Google has a sense of humour that I am using on my Ubuntu Linux

Some Features-

1) Noticeably faster browsing. I mean faster browsing and loading of images.

2) Still some trouble with Adobe plugins and Facebook games

3) Cool customized themes  (see below)

4) Note the time IN THE BROWSER

5) Quite easy and stable to use with the most visited sites and the default search with suggestions within address bar


Chrome Experiments

Here are some nice data visualization methods elaborated in

I created one using Social Collider for searching @smartdataco and generated this data mapcoolied

The site ( which goes by the tag of Not your mother’s Javascript) is created by Google ,Creator of Chrome Browser.

In light of these deeply held beliefs, we created this site to showcase cool experiments for both JavaScript and web browsers.

These experiments were created by designers and programmers from around the world. Their work is making the web faster, more fun, and more open the same spirit in which we built Google Chrome.

Here is an experiment called Canopy available at

It generates Fractals

Another more useful experiment is Social Collider which enables you to search Twitter for specific words, and create a data map for that

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