Aster Data : Big Data Bigger Analytics Campaign

My favorite ( as of now) company in Big Data is Aster Data* ( I am partial to companies founded by Stanford Alumni having interacted with a lot of them while working with Trilogy- another Stanford dropout alumni company. There are also not too many Silicon Valley startups by us famously non intellectual Punjus

Q- What is the culture in Punjab A- In Punjab the only culture is agriculture)

Aster Data has correctly hit the marketing hammer on the nail of bigger data and with the quantities of data expanding rapidly  this is a lucrative market to get into ( as pointed by our favorite analytics journal NY Times)

Aster Data’s products of nCluster and nPath with MapReduce SQL, and the recent interactions with SAS Institute hold them in a nice promising place but with miles to go before they even rest ( or start thinking of that IPO)

Aster were present at Data Mining 2009 with terrific response to their booth.

As a techie wannabe stats frat boy, I like the Aster nPath product more (Time Series)  but the analytics within database claim with nCluster needs to be investigated and even tested further. Especially if you need  three days to get your monthly summary report.asterdata

( *and also an advertiser, sponsor to Big Data Summit as per FCC regulations)

The Data Services and Applications with flexibility for cloud computing is what makes this especially appealing from a product perspective while their relatively small size ( as compared to other bigger Vend- ORs) gives alliance partners more leverage in colloborating in Research and Design and maybe even co bundling applications.

Screenshots- Courtesy -The Lovely website ( Webmasters of other websites especially IBM and Oracle’s should take note how a website can have lots of content and yet be readable)

Also I will be posting the remaining Data Mining 2009 interviews shortly (including Part 2 with Anne) and share some/all of the presentations  via SlideShare embedding in ( post permission).

As for the Aster Data Interviews- I owe Peter Pavloski and the readers one. Coming up soon.


Big Data in the Big Apple


I am all set to go to the Big Data summit on OCTOBER    1 in  New York

It talks  on Aster Data and their  passion in success in crunching data faster than the speed of thought. Interesting stuff includes Map/Reduce , Hadoop, Big Data and people who have experience in them.

As  a graduate student who is about  to  start his thesis in

statistical ( Regression , Em Algorithm, K Means Clustering) computation (Chunking , and aggregation) of :

MIXED data

  • (structured row and column numbers) and

in a  computing  environment that

  • uses HPC nodes and a MIXED GRID of desktops AND IDLE WEB SERVERS on  THE INTERNET

seminars like these are the only way to learn cutting edge stuff.

I would also be present in SAS Data Mining 2009 Conference in Las Vegas in October. Hope to see you there.

At both the conferences I would be interviewing people ( preferably using Video and someone to ask the questions- my spoken accent is very bad). Also rather sheepishly- I will be giving an interview at the Big Data Summit. I have given only two interviews till now-

One for my mentor Vincent Granville, founder Analyticbridge here in April 2008 and the other was on my poetry .

So I guess the interview is on the other side 🙂

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