Big Data in the Big Apple


I am all set to go to the Big Data summit on OCTOBER    1 in  New York

It talks  on Aster Data and their  passion in success in crunching data faster than the speed of thought. Interesting stuff includes Map/Reduce , Hadoop, Big Data and people who have experience in them.

As  a graduate student who is about  to  start his thesis in

statistical ( Regression , Em Algorithm, K Means Clustering) computation (Chunking , and aggregation) of :

MIXED data

  • (structured row and column numbers) and

in a  computing  environment that

  • uses HPC nodes and a MIXED GRID of desktops AND IDLE WEB SERVERS on  THE INTERNET

seminars like these are the only way to learn cutting edge stuff.

I would also be present in SAS Data Mining 2009 Conference in Las Vegas in October. Hope to see you there.

At both the conferences I would be interviewing people ( preferably using Video and someone to ask the questions- my spoken accent is very bad). Also rather sheepishly- I will be giving an interview at the Big Data Summit. I have given only two interviews till now-

One for my mentor Vincent Granville, founder Analyticbridge here in April 2008 and the other was on my poetry .

So I guess the interview is on the other side 🙂

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