Visualizing Bigger Data in R using Tabplot

The amazing tabplot package creates the tableplot feature for visualizing huge chunks of data. This is a great example of creative data visualization that is resource lite and extremely fast in a first look at the data. (note- The tabplot package is being used and table plot function is being used . The TABLEPLOT package is different and is NOT being used here).


visualizing a 50000 row by 10 variable dataset in 0.7 s is fast !!

click on screenshot to see it

and some say R is slow 😉


Note I used a free Windows Amazon EC2 Instance for it-

See screenshot for hardware configuration


the best thing is there is a handy GTK GUI for this package. You can check it out at



Author: Ajay Ohri

6 thoughts on “Visualizing Bigger Data in R using Tabplot”

  1. Have loved this package ever since I first encountered it. I notice that the latest version restricts the sorting to a single variable whereas the older versions allowed successive sorts by, for example, a quantitative variable followed by some qualitative ones which enabled a breakdown of the quantitative variable by subgroups of the qualitative ones. Anyone know of a way round this with the new version?

  2. Time on Amazon micro instance Windows was
    user system elapsed
    0.66 0.11 0.89
    Configuration of Windows Micro Instance is 615 mb RAM,Intel Xeon , 64 bit OS Windows Server- I updated the above

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