The Best of Google Plus Week 3- Top 1/0


While the funny GIFs continue in week 3, I find more and more people using this to paste their blog articles- so another channel to create and spread content.

I am waiting for certain features-

  1. Importing my Orkut data seamlessly into Google Plus
  2. The Gaming Channel using Zynga- Open Social Games
  3. Hangout to have screen sharing as well as screen recording (or export to Youtube features)
  4. Better integration of Sparks based activity.
  5. Also if existing Youtube comments/fan communities can utilize G+ accounts too
Anyways, after all that violence and double talk- the best content in Week 3 as per my Google + stream.
Special Mention-
After a dismal last week (Amy Winehouse and Norway news) I really liked to do a special mention of this video-

1) Funny Animals

a) Sliding Pandas

b) Turtle bites Cat

c) Dogs and Cats

d) Quick brown fox jumps over lazy dog

e) Angry Birds Prequel-

f) Funny Cats



2) Facebook versus Google + memes

3) More GIFs- What is life?

On the beach




4) Social Media Experts – When we die?

5) A minimalist Mona Lisa

6) Funny Cartoons-

7) Google 


8) You cant share this on Facebook or Twitter- it is a .G I F

a) Clown

9) Angry Birds-

10) Your E cards – rock


Special Mentions- 

  • Image sharing takes off on G+

Tom Anderson of Myspace is prolific on G+

Thats all for this week- to share content with me you can add me to a G+ circle – I am at


a lso if you liked this post see previous editions

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