Revolution Analytics Product Launches for #rstats in 2011

Revolution Analytics just launched an roadmap detailing their product plan for 2011.


In particular I am excited for the new GUI coming up, the Hadoop packages, new K Means and Data Sort/merge using Revoscaler for bigger datasets, and also the option to offer support for community packages like ggplot2 titled ” More value in Community Version”.

This sure likes an interesting year to watch for product releases with various new upgraded products being available 🙂



Revolution Analytics’ Executive Roadmap

Among the coming attractions for the Revolution R community:

  • More ‘Big Data’ Algorithms
  • Closer Integration with Hadoop for Massive Scaling
  • In-Database Analytics with the IBM Netezza Twinfin Data Warehouse Solution
  • Release of the Revolution R GUI
You can download the whole pdf to read more in detail at

Author: Ajay Ohri

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