Tips to Play Farmville Really Well

Here are some tips to play Farmville really well-

1) Keep your Farmville friends in a seperate friend list  by creating a list at

This ensures friendship , work and Farmville dont mess around with each other. You also dont need a lot of friends in Farmville (max 40 actives) unlike Mafia Wars

2) Register at to get free or double rewards by doing the same work. These rewards can be redeemed in-game

3) Set a time as well as money budget. Like $10 per month and 1 hour on weekends with 15 minutes on weekdays with max 3-4 logins. Any more time /logins means you are addicted or have no work, but still are not efficient as you can be.

4) Fertilize other neighbour’s fields , (do add neighbors by some selective spamming in early building days, basically the max that Facebook allows 50 invites per day- Farmville playing friends count only when they are neighbors), and get fuel and instant fertilize for speedy farming/playing.

Dont spam work/actual friends just people who are less likely to block you when you send them a Farmville Invite.

5) Keeping money idle in the bank pays no interest.

Buy animals and trees only when fields are fully planted. Buy bigger fields only when you run out of space for animals And Trees and Farms and have enough money

6) Use the optim package in R or SAS/OR for optimizing which crop to plant for maximum money/experience/return in minimum time.

Or just use Google Docs.

Some optimization tips-

  • Set your crop to grow at such a time when you are next going to be free/lunch /after work. use multiples like 12, 4,16 hours.
  • Divide your total money with number of plots to get max per unit planting you can afford.
  • Count the number of plots by counting the length and breadth of the field, and multiplying (rather than counting all 300-400 plots)
  • use the move tool and recycle tool ( in first column in lower right corner) to reshuffling your plots or farm pieces.
  • Doing jobs (use coop or third column in lower right corner) to get more points
  • After you harvest 3-5 plots you get a bushel of  that crop, (you need a stall before that). Once you get a particular bushel, set use bushels (by clicking look inside on Farm Stall) to that particular crop. The rest of crops will now give you twice mastery points.
  • Modify zoom levels- zoom out to click rapidly and plow/plant/harvest very very fast. But if it is too fast be prepared to see a Game Server out of Sync notice. Just refresh and redo.

7) This is basically a time waste game just like Minesweeper was in the 1990’s. Don’t surf away your life.

Disclaimer- No animals were hurt during the making of this post.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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