R Journal Dec 2010 and R for Business Analytics

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I almost missed out on the R Journal for this month- great reading,

and I liked Dr Hadley’s article on stringr package the best. Really really useful package and nice writing too


(incidentally I just downloaded a local copy of his ggplot website at http://had.co.nz/ggplot2/ggplot-static.zip

I aim to really read that one up

Okay, announcement time

I just signed a contract with Springer for a book on R, some what in first half of 2011

” R for Business Analytics

its going to be a more business analytics than a stats perspective ( I am a MBA /Mech Engineer)

and use cases would be business analytics cases. Do write to me if you need help doing some analytics in R (business use cases)- or want something featured. Big focus would be on GUI and easier analytics, using the Einsteinian principle to make things as simple as possible but no simpler)

One thought on “R Journal Dec 2010 and R for Business Analytics

  1. Dear Ajay Ohri,

    First of all thanks for keeping up a very interesting blog.

    Reading your post on your fore coming book on R for Business Analytics, it occurred to me that you may be interested in browsing through my book “Data Mining with R, learning with case studies” by CRC Press. It is a practical book on the use of R for data mining. It presents a series of data mining case studies and it has an associated R package with all code and data. More details can be obtained at the book web page:

    All the best for your book project and 2011!

    Luis Torgo

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