SAS for Job Interviews

SAS Institute, Solutions
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Yeah. I hope someone wrote a book like that.


  1. Libname
  2. Proc Datasets
  3. Proc Import
  4. Proc Contents
  5. Proc Freq
  6. Proc Means
  7. Proc Univariate
  8. Proc Reg
  9. Proc Logistic
  10. Proc Export (to excel where you do the graphs)
  11. ODS
  12. Proc Tabulate

(note – it would be interesting to do a proc freq on all procs say used say on SAS On Demand)

Any thing else is not needed for a entry level job for a fresh grad student or job for a veteran re-trained worker.

Just like society needs science and commerce as twin pillars, analytics needs SAS (great Marketing) and R (great research) for expanding the pie of analytics which is woefully underutilized and stupidly overcapitalized by jazzy-copy-paste-data-from-query- software disguised as “intelligent software”.  R has no certification and no formal training for jobs (as yet) though this should change. SAS looks great (still) for getting jobs for grad students. R looks great (yup) for getting research jobs probably not corporate analytics jobs ?What do you think?


Author: Ajay Ohri

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