Keeping them honest

A great example of a central bank using technology is Reserve Bank of India, whose banking ombudsman has an online form which is quite user friendly.

You can see the form here-

The form, which has very simple drop downs for segmenting, adequate linking to relevant policy for easy checklist of complaint.

So if your bank hid an extra line in the fine print , or deducted an extra emi as additional charges or just plain acted as in violation of Code of Conduct (there are 18 defined clauses), you can use this link to submit a complaint conveniently.

I Want My WebTV

So here it is.

Another Blog monetization method AND
adding great videos for free to your blog
AND not crashing your servers.
The content site is

They use distributed servers to counter the big Video Sites like You tube,this keeps server costs low, and content distribution high, nice idea for business video niche. The content is top class , with access to founders of ,google’s strategy .It is more like a Internet Television Channel.

You are a blogger too eh, Sign up here pardner


A New “R” is born

Peter Dalgard just announced R .2.7.2 . Very professional software like very transparent release.

Quoted from R -Announce Email

“”This is intended as a wrap-up release containing all known fixes to issues with the 2.7.x series.
See the full list of changes below.

You can get it (in a short while) from

or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you.


o    sprintf() returns elements of the result in UTF-8 when the
format or any character input has a corresponding element
declared as UTF-8.  Similarly for paste(), elements of the
result are in UTF-8 when any input to that element is declared
as UTF-8.

o    axis() has new arguments ‘col.ticks’ and ‘lwd.ticks’ to allow
the colour and line width of ticks to be set separately from
that of the line (e.g. to set one or the other to transparent
or zero width).

o    legend() has a new argument ‘box.col’ to set the colour of the
enclosing box.

o    legend() gains a ‘xpd’ argument to make it easier to place a
legend in the margins or outer margins.

o    stripchart() now passes ‘…’ to title() (as well as to
plot.default() and axis()). (Wish of PR#12202)

o has new argument ‘searchEngine’ to go
directly to the search form: this is needed by users of
Firefox 3 to workaround a bug in interpreting the search
results pages.

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The Best things are for Free

You need feedback. To improve your process.To improve your client satisfaction.To know what your employees think.

But the Boss did not sanction any budget. He never studied market research in business school.

Help is here. A website called

Very easy ,award wining design for professional surveys. For free .

For the pros ,the paid version. But the free version is very very good.

Dont believe me, huh 

Take a 2 min survey here.Took me 3 mins to register,make survey. For free.

<a href=””>Click Here to take survey</a>


Is Yahoo double counting searches for market share ?

Yahoo Classic  mail users should notice a small change. Instead of search email function, they have just a search web function. Thus when you search your inbox, it will be called a web search for Yahoo.Or you end up doing a free search.

Dont belive me, check your yahoo inbox now.

Oh Jerry, the things  you need to do,

to get the monkeys off your back in Yahoo

Didnt find the details ? Check the tag and category on this post

Testing the server limits

A Break from Reading Blogs


Just doing whether server  can support video traffic and how good is wordpress for inserting  you tube content.

This is a prelude to business content in a video format.


Update – Embedded HTML  to You Tube video didnt work (see link from A break from Reading Blogs). I either need to review file ,folder properties on my server or it past the HTML embed code using video option of WordPress 2.5 in a different manner. Or it wont work till experimentation with streaming video begins.

So I posted the video on . Thats a fun site for analytics related people with networking, forums,recruiters,books,video tutorials, groups of lots of kinds……its based on the format but the founder spends so much energy in it it is upto 2400 members now. 2400 member many to many social networking for data mining and analytics professionals is a real gem.

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