The Empire Strikes Back- MS Products in the wings

MS Products in the wings can be accessed on

They are extensive, and Steve (Ballmer not Jobs) is using most of the 44 Billion he saved (thanks to Jerry ‘s merry ways) to create savvy tools to match Google in anything they make and more.

Yes the tools are that good.And No, they are only limited to the US as of now.

Social Networking Analytics

Do social networking sites need separate analytical tools to measure the many to many interactions between users. We think so-

as websites have one to many and many to one relationships. Social networking sites have many to many relationships. Linkedin measures this as Tier 1, 2 connections  Facebook measures this as mutual and total connections, but sub communities like game cartels especially in Facebook, or Groups on Linkedin – These also need measurement for enhancement?

Nothing wrong with linear measurement tools- they are simplistic and good decision assisters.

But- There is no such thing as a straight line. No such thing as a straight analytics question too .

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