A Million Dollars more..

Here is the Video content I was talking about .
Its from YourBusinessChannel and uses streaming video works without loading my server at all.

This particular challenge is for startups and businesses access to top members of an elite team of venture capitalists and legendary entrepreneurs. I happened to notice most of them had a technology intensive background and would have lots of good advice to internet startups including analytics entrepreneurs.

Winners get access to funding and advice.

Try it out . (Jai Hanuman ! Best of luck)

I Want My WebTV

So here it is.

Another Blog monetization method AND
adding great videos for free to your blog
AND not crashing your servers.
The content site is yourBusinessChannel.com.

They use distributed servers to counter the big Video Sites like You tube,this keeps server costs low, and content distribution high, nice idea for business video niche. The content is top class , with access to founders of lulu.com ,google’s strategy .It is more like a Internet Television Channel.

You are a blogger too eh, Sign up here pardner


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