Testing the server limits

A Break from Reading Blogs


Just doing whether server  can support video traffic and how good is wordpress for inserting  you tube content.

This is a prelude to business content in a video format.


Update – Embedded HTML  to You Tube video didnt work (see link from A break from Reading Blogs). I either need to review file ,folder properties on my server or it past the HTML embed code using video option of WordPress 2.5 in a different manner. Or it wont work till experimentation with streaming video begins.

So I posted the video on www.analyticbridge.com . Thats a fun site for analytics related people with networking, forums,recruiters,books,video tutorials, groups of lots of kinds……its based on the ning.com format but the founder spends so much energy in it it is upto 2400 members now. 2400 member many to many social networking for data mining and analytics professionals is a real gem.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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