Sharing Blog Articles

Suppose you want to customize your blog shares to add one more service (apart from Facebook, Twitter etc)

Here is an example on creating a new share service – We are creating a blog share button for Hacker News at

See screenshot below-

Navigate there – by logging onto your account,

left margin bottom (Settings- Sharing)

Now on Add Service-

We put Service Name as

Hacker News (or you can put it as Y Combinator)

on URL Dropdown

Put it as- Copy and Paste Exactly

On Icon URL

Note there is no need for an Excerpt if you adding URL to Hacker News -so we can put it as blank

And now share all you want, hackers ­čśë

Who was that? Blog Comments

If someone has been spamming you with dumb comments here is a method to find who they are without even having advanced analytics knowledge.

This assumes you use WordPress Blogs.

See the screenshot of comment to get the IP Address.

It appears below each comment as a number like or see below- the place for the Mouse Pointer

From Wikipedia

“A┬áname indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how to get there.”

Take the number and search it here

Thats the American Registry for Internet Numbers.

or Search it here.

Now that you know your friendly spammer is what do you do next

Forgive them

Tis the season of Joy.

No news like Bad News

The news on funders replacing founders at Evolution Cromputing causes a big uptick in blog traffic.

Which dont matter since blog shifted to so bandwidth paid by Matt Muelberg

and ads are only worth 200$ per month ( not a penny less or penny more).

Viva the First Amendement. and the Fifth


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