Increasing views to Youtube Videos

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The Youtube Promoted Videos (basically a video form of Adsense) can really help companies like Oracle, SAP, IBM, Netezza, SAS Insititute, AsterData, Rapid Miner, Pentaho,  JasperSoft, Teradata, Revolution who create

either corporate videos/training videos or upload their seminar, webinar,conference videos to Youtube.

Making a video is hard work in itself- doing an A/ B test with Youtube Promoted videos might just get a better ROI for your video marketing budget and IMHO embeddable videos from Youtube are much better and easier to share than Videos that can be seen only after registration on a company web site. You want to get the word out for your software, or you want to get website views?

YouTube-Promoted Videos

While I covered Google Patents in October 2009, here are some video shots. A 22 sec video which can help you decide whether to go for getting a patent or not. By elimintaion prior art search costs, this can greatly reduce the cost and complexity for small entrepreneurs.


So go ahead, patent your R functions and algorithms ( The video shows one important tool) while using the tool at to search for prior patents.

Incidentally YouTube has a great feature for promoted videos only open for USD ( incidentally my 2007 email feature is listed as INR so I am still waiting for the free customer support at G Inc to reply that “hey,  I can now pay in USD so let me in”.)

Neat Concept, anyways!

I tried this

but got this instead

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