Rapid Miner- R Extension

Here is a new video which shows exactly how you can use Rapid Miner and R together. Advantages of using both together is using Rapid Miner’s GUI (including the flowchart style for data mning) and adding R statistical functionality to it.

From http://rapid-i.com/content/view/219/1/

The web site features a video showing how easy R models and scripts can be integrated into the RapidMiner analysis processes. RapidMiner offers a new R perspective consisting of the known R console together with the great plotting facilities of R. All variables as well as R scripts can be stored in the RapidMiner Repository and used from there which helps to organize the usually large number of scripts. Furthermore, widely used modeling methods are directly integrated as RapidMiner operators as usual.

“This is a huge step for open source data analysis. RapidMiner offers a great user interface, a clear process structure and lots of ETL and analysis capabilities necessary for real-world problems. R adds a lot of flexibility and many analysis and data manipulation methods. The result is the by far most powerful data transformation and analysis solution worldwide. And this analysis power is now combined with the ease-of-use already known from RapidMiner.” states Dr. Ingo Mierswa, CEO of Rapid-I.

Visit the RCOMM 2010 and learn more about how to integrate analysis and preprocessing methods offered by R as well as how to use the new R perspective offering a full R console and access to all R plotters.

Thus Rapid Miner is one more mainstream software (after SPSS, SAS etc) to add R functionality to it.

KDNuggets Poll on SAS: Churn in Analytics Users

Here are the some surprising results from the Bible of all Data Miners , KDNuggets.com with some interesting comments about SAS being the Microsoft of analytics.

I believe technically advanced users will probably want to try out R before going in for a commercial license from Revolution Analytics as it is free to try out. Also WPS offers a one month free preview for its software- the latest release of it competes with SAS/Stat and SAS/Access, SAS/Graph and Base SAS- so anyone having these installations on a server would be interested to atleast test it for free. Also WPS would be interested in increasing engines (like they have for Oracle and Teradata).

One very crucial difference for SAS is it’s ability to pull in data from almost all data formats- so if you are using SAS/Connect to remote submit code- then you may not be able to switch soon.

Also the more license heavy customers are not the kind of cutomers who have lots of data in their local desktops but is usually pulled and then crunched before analysed. R has recently made some strides with the RevoScaler package from Revolution Analytics but it’s effectiveness would be tested and tried in the coming months- it seems like a great step in the right direction.

For SAS, the feedback should be a call to improve their product bundling – some of which can feel like over selling at times- but they have been fighting off challenges since past 4 decades and have the pockets and intention to sustain market share battles including discounts ( for repeat customers SAS can be much cheaper than say a first time user of WPS or R)


This really should come as a surprise to some people. You can see the comments on WPS and R at the site itself. Interesting stufff and we can see after say 1 year to see how many actually DID switch.


Software Lawsuits :Ergo

The latest round of software lawsuits makes things more interesting especially for Google. There are two notable developments

1) Google’s pact with Verizon for Even more Open Internet -From


A provider that offers a broadband Internet access service
complying with the above principles could offer any other additional or differentiated services. Such other services would have to be distinguishable in scope and purpose from broadband . Internet access service, but could make use of or access Internet content, applications or services
and could include traffic prioritization.

2) Oracle’s lawsuit against Google for Intellectual Property enforcement of Java for Android. ( read here http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20013549-264.html

I once joked about nothing remains cool forever not even Google (see https://decisionstats.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/11-ways-to-beat-up-google/ ) and I did not foresee the big G beating itself into knots on its own.

It is hard to sympathize with Google (or Oracle or Verizon) but this is a mess that is created when lawyers (with a briefcase) steal value rather than a thousand engineers can create value.

Interestingly Google owns the IP for Map Reduce – so could it itself sue the Hadoop community over terms of royalty someday-like Oracle did with Java- hmmmmm interesting revenue stream

All in all I would be happy to see zero tiers on an internet (wireless or wired) and even Java developers to make some money on writing code. Open source is not free source.

Offer for Decision Stats Readers

Here is an offer for Decision Stats readers , its a nice conference as per the website and if you are in Pharma forecasting a reasonable one to try out.

Offer: A discounted ticket for the major Pharma Forecasting Excellence Summit? This 500 discount off any pass is only available this week

The European Pharma Forecasting Excellence Summit is the biggest and most exciting meeting-place for European Pharma Forecasting and Marketing executives like you. This year its on 20-22 April in Madrid.

What  is there:

  1. Relevance – Weve spent months listening to your challenges to find the most relevant topics to help you keep ahead.
  2. Learn from our best ever line-up of pharma marketing speakers. Learn from world experts as well as your peers. We dont invite anyone only the most relevant for you with the best case studies.
  3. No sales pitches. This is an independent event.
  4. Meet people who may change your forecasting forever. No other event in Europe can provide you with 2 days of business focused networking with so many of the most influential people in pharma forecasting and marketing. Like many before you, you could make the connections that extend your network and change your career forever
  5. World exclusive case studies. No other event can deliver such knowledgeable insights and answers to key marketing challenges you face more facts and less vague theory
  6. Discounts the sooner you book the more you save
  7. Register Now. Dont forget to download the brochure and see all the topics: Download Brochure

Whom to Contact:

Claire Poole

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F: +44 (0) 207 375 7576

E: cpoole@eyeforpharma.com

The full ticket prices: 


Visa: http://www.schengenvisa.cc/

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