Bollywood –God Made This Couple

In the first mega release of the winter , Rab Ney Bana Di Jodi

( Translated as God Made this Couple) shines as a vintage Shahrukh

entertainer.The Khan plays an ordinary guy married to a beautiful

girl , all by accident . While the introverted Punjab Power engineer

tries his best to be decent and Nice, he loves the bubbly spirit of his wife,

which now seemed extinguished post the arranged marriage from her dying

father .So he lets her join a Dance class in conservative town Amritsar.

Where she meets another guy ,played by Shahrukh again , who shaves off

moustache,loses the bifocals , gels the hair , and the formal haan ji talk

to become an unrecogonizable and hip cool lothario.Its like watching

people not being able to make out SuperMan once he decides to be

Clark Kent.Or the other way around. s a sweet movie , so go watch it with the family for

some entertaining time in these cold winters.Shahrukh shines, but he

is getting too old to wear tight shirts now, even in a partial role.

Bollywood Movie- Oye Lucky ,Lucky Oye



While working on a database project ( one where you stare endlessly at the screen only to type

at random intervals as the computer decides)- I decided to revive my short Bollywood Reviews.

In Reverse chronological order.

Here comes Lucky the story of a thief played by the thinking Deol, Abhay

Deol.He plays a grand scene stealer , even though Paresh Rawal does a

triple role as the father, the crime mentor, and the white collar partner

of Lucky Singh- . Like his name Lucky is a happy go lucky chap, borne

in a poorneighbourhood and using his latent intelligence as well as

quick thinkingto steal stuff.And man does he steal a lot of stuff

watch this latest Bollywood entertainer ,its a safer entertainer than

the other hyped up and souped up mega releases these holidays.

While those mega movies do have star appeal,

Oye Lucky ,Lucky Oye shines in simple down to earth appeal.

In Punjabi Oye is a common word,

meaning as an Eh or a hey.

Bollywood Review -Rock(ed) On

This is a cool movie. Mix great music, lovely acting, all the right dudes and dudettes. Bet it will take you to your college festivals where the music was loud and thus nice, the hair was long , we wore jeans that were NOT ironed, and the future was a hazy thing in the past. Its about the investment banker called Farhan Akhtar (yes the path breaking director himself) whose wife finds his stash of 
rock band memorabilia.

An indie style movie with a mainstream cast.

Cut to the past, and forward to the future, this is about how friendships change, nostalgia, good music, and how ageing poets can sometimes get a second chance to get their chance in the spotlight. And Arjun Rampal gets to do a cool lead guitar act, while Poorab and Luke (MTV VJs )chip in with sidekick show. Reminds you of the beatles, Parikarma and what not. This movie rocks on and on.

Go watch it.

or stick to investment banking.

Review :Dan in Real Life

 Movies are meant to relive you of the tedium of daily life, and the struggles of the economy and the

darkness of the political era, of the age of trubulence. And here it is a nice, sweet comedy starring Steve Carrell.He is a columnist , who writes a column on love and relationships. Excpet he hounds his middle teenager daughter not to start dating, his eldest daughter not to drive the car, and his youngest daughter , he barely gives any time. the love shrivelled in the love expert after his wife died four years ago. Except when they drive to the annual goofy family reunion in a white ,greeny,leafy suburb, he fallis in love. With his dorky ,hunky brothers latest girlfriend. And she falls in love too.Steve Carrell is like a new Steve MArtin (no relation!) in straight poker face situational , family -like clean humour he brings to the table.

The rest is cool comedy, nice and sweet , so lovely you may be persuaded to take your family here. It might not be art . It might not be a movie that breaks any records.

But its a movie that will touch you , cover you with smiles. Definitely a love comedy, take  a date along and watch her squeeze your hand during the funny moments. But thats what movies in real life are there for !

Review-The Dark knight

The much anticipated sequel to Batman begins- and Heath Ledger’s last movie is evrything you waited for and more. Ledger makes his Joker so very own, you forget Jack ever did that at as funny man. A gaunt looking Batman battles media, politicians ,hype, mafia and Joker to the point you almost feel worried for the caped fellow.

Some references to Telecom companies used for spying, some ground zero like shots of buildings collapsed, some Chinese thugs who steal money, and you wish Hollywood escaped reality and politics. But enter the Joker and he captures the screen space to the point of overshadowing anyone else. Many a critic has predicted Oscars for best actors. Thats for you to judge as you say hello to the Dark Knight and goodbye to Heath Ledger in this most splendid action hero movie of the year. There is no Katie holmes to distract you while the otherwise perfect cast returns with Bale,Caine,Oldman and Freeman to push the franchise forward.


The action is breathtaking and unrelenting, the suspense builds up till it echoes the lovely soundtrack and Batman returns as the Dark Knight of Gotham.

Review – HanCock(y)

When Will Smith releases a movie, we all sit up and notice. Apart from the Wild Wild West, the fresh prince of Hollywood has been havings hits after enjoyable hits . Hes got a bit of Denzel looks (and a smaller bit of  the acting), some of Chris Tucker motor mouth (but not too much) and some Wesley Snipes action appeal. He is the perfect leading man as of Today – with no conroversies too. And this time he comes back with an unconventional script ( I ,Robot, -I am Legend…) on a super hero who drinks too much, fumbles his timing,hits on women (!) and generally acts like a ….(Dont call him that !!!) but you need to see the movie at this point.

Charlize Theron is great as the sceptical wife of the Public Relations executive who tries to clean up the man.The move is both a spoof on action heroes and an action hero movie at the same time.Memorable scenes include a drunk and flying John Hancock (well Superman never drank !!) chasing bad guys, a super villian (!) and prison scenes. Enough said.The movie strikes you for the realistic special effects (yes it looks like he is actually flying not swinging by a rope )…and great lovely Will Smith cocky humour.

Watch the movie– its gonna be a cool cool summer and the action heroes are coming back. Bring Em On.

Review:Iron(ic) Man

Review:Iron(ic) Man 2008

And what would you call a movie thats part loveable Marvel hero,part James Bond humor and part brilliant casting coups. As for this year, uptil now you can call it Iron Man. While The Dark Knight, or even the soon awaited Will Smith ….starring Hancock may soon be the top grossing comic super hero based movie grosser,

this one tugs at your heart,the corner of your lips and your eyes.

Yeah Baby!



Iron man stars a billionaire playboy ,sardonic,sometimes comically ironic , and reformed arms dealer Tony Stark …………played ironically by a reformed and still twinkling eyed Robert Downey Jr).Stark after a series of unfortunate events in Afghan caves decides brilliant minds ,and corporate money can be better put to use than corporate wars and weapons design.

Yes small and subtle war messages even in mainstream movies nowadays, but the chemistry between the Stark and Miss Potts (played by a still so lovely, and where have you been Mrs Coldplay……Gwenyth Paltrow) is remarkable.. and so are the movie effects, The computer generated imagery is so good .. it seems as if not generated by computers.

Watch it with your family, kids, your love, or with your college mates. This is Hollywood at it’s entertaining best !!!