Review :Dan in Real Life

 Movies are meant to relive you of the tedium of daily life, and the struggles of the economy and the

darkness of the political era, of the age of trubulence. And here it is a nice, sweet comedy starring Steve Carrell.He is a columnist , who writes a column on love and relationships. Excpet he hounds his middle teenager daughter not to start dating, his eldest daughter not to drive the car, and his youngest daughter , he barely gives any time. the love shrivelled in the love expert after his wife died four years ago. Except when they drive to the annual goofy family reunion in a white ,greeny,leafy suburb, he fallis in love. With his dorky ,hunky brothers latest girlfriend. And she falls in love too.Steve Carrell is like a new Steve MArtin (no relation!) in straight poker face situational , family -like clean humour he brings to the table.

The rest is cool comedy, nice and sweet , so lovely you may be persuaded to take your family here. It might not be art . It might not be a movie that breaks any records.

But its a movie that will touch you , cover you with smiles. Definitely a love comedy, take  a date along and watch her squeeze your hand during the funny moments. But thats what movies in real life are there for !

Author: Ajay Ohri

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