Review -Sarkar Raj


Review -Bollywood Version of Godfather2 :Sarkar Raj

Okay , its not as good as Sarkar , the original “tribute” to Copolla’s classic Godfather by the maverick down again , up again desi Tarintino ,Ram Gopal Verma (who returns as director ). But thats true even of Godfather 2, and most sequels .

The good news – it is good enough for fans of pulp fiction style, violence ,strategy and intelligent movies. All and out a guy’s movie, Sarkar Raj is faster, bloodier , resorts to more camera tricks as if RGV is trying to prove something, and by the end of the movie he proves why he is the best director of violent Bollywood movies in the past two decades.

A stellar star cast by India ‘s first family of acting, sees a violent and overweight Abhishek Bachhan playing Shanker “Remorseless” Nagre, Aishwarya Rai Bachhan playing beautiful ,and unwitting trap for him, and Amitabh as the aging and still defiant patriach. With a few hints to the Enron power project in Maharashtra , some classic Marathi pandering and even bold Thackeray family like hints (including the suffix “Raj” .)…this one is for you to go with your beer drinking buddies alone…… and enjoy. Definitely paisa wasool (thats value for money in Hindi) for a watch, and go with the subtitles version …it works equally well.


Jodha Akbar (Movie review) 2008 -Bollywood Movie

The Oscar nominated director , Ashutosh G (for best Foreign language Movie Lagaan ) casts Hrithik Roshan (one of India’s most beautiful actors) and ex-Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bacchan in this love story of Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great.


First things first – the movie is as historically true as you can expect entertainment movies to be.   So much for history.Hrithik and Aishwarya  and the other actors more than compensate for the historical in accuracies . Akbar didn’t win all battles by negotiation, but as a descendant of Mongals did use massacres selectively for shock, awe and deft political manouevering.

But the songs are good , the people are lovely and the movie sets sparkle with mughal grandeur . Lots of Bollywood masala, and some inspiration from Troy ,the Hollywood movie. Which is sad actually. Why borrow the climax from the famous Eric Bana /Hector and Brad pitt/achilles contest.

Hrithik and Aishwarya might as well act in a Hollywood movie rather than copy one. their chemistry makes the movie tick, and you might get to see one of the slowest sensual love songs created in the new generation Bollywood.

Watch Jodha Akbar……..good time pass and well worth your ticket money…… but forget the history of both Akbar and Troy and go with lowered expectations…and you will have a reasonably good time.

Old Movie Review:Golmaal

Amol Palekar (as Laxman Prasad)

Amol Palekar (as Laxman Prasad)

Gol Maal could be translated as “Risky/Crooked Business” or “Hanky Panky”. It is the story of a fun loving and happy-go-lucky guy Ramprasad Dashrathprasad Sharma (Amol Palekar), who is a chartered accountant and is looking out for a job. His uncle advises him to seek employment at his friend Bhavani Shankar’s (Utpal Dutt) firm who is a very strict person and has a fascination for Indian values and the “moustache”. He believes that a moustache represents one’s conscience. Mr Shankar is ready to pay a few hundred rupees as salary to a young, inexperienced man as long as he fits his values. On his uncle’s advice Ramprasad gets a job by exaggerating his Indian values (by wearing an excessively short kurta pajama instead of his usual flashy shirts, using his full name without abbreviations, feigning ignorance of music and sports and demonstrating professionalism.)

Bindiya Goswami (as Urmila)

Bindiya Goswami (as Urmila)

He once takes leave by pretending that his mother (who passed away many years ago) has taken ill, and goes to watch a hockey match. Unfortunately, Bhavani Shankar, who also attended the match, sees him there. The next day Bhavani summons Ramprasad to his office and asks him about the hockey match. Remembering the plot of a movie a friend of his is shooting, Ram convinces Bhavani Shankar that he had seen his “moustache-less” identical twin Lucky (alias Lakshmanprasad Dashrathprasad Sharma) at the stadium.

Amol Palekar (as Ram Prasad)

Amol Palekar (as Ram Prasad)

Bhavani Shankar buys his argument. Ramprasad offers to resign since he has lost the confidence of his boss. Bhavani Shankar feels bad about accusing him and decides to make amends by hiring Lucky to teach his daughter Urmila (Bindiya Goswami) music. Ramprasad reluctantly shaves his mustache to become Lucky and starts to mentor Urmila. He is helped by his actor friend Deven Verma (playing himself) in securing a fake moustache and spirit gum. And thus begins Gol Maal – the comedy of errors. In all the confusion Ram finds that he also has to arrange for a mother, a role filled by Mrs Srivastav (Dina Pathak) a socialite with an acting hobby, deal with Urmila’s love to Lucky and hatred towards Ramprasad, and come out unscathed in the end.

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Old Movie:Let it go my friend , Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro


Professional photographers Sudhir Mishra and Vinod Chopra open a studio in the prestigious Haji Ali area, and hope to make enough money to keep it running. After a disastrous start, they are given some work by the editor of “Khabardar”, a publication that exposes the scandalous lives of the rich and the famous. They accept it and start working with the editor herself, Shobha Singh. They also decide to enter their name in a contest to win Rs.5000/- and take a number of photographs all over the city. In one of the photographs they see a man with a gun. Upon enlarging it, they find out that the killer is none other than builder Tarneja.

Upon further investigation they find out that he has killed Municipal Commissioner D’Mello and left his body behind some bushes. Before the duo could get to the body, it disappears. Disappointed the hapless duo continue working with Shobha. They locate it and take a number of photographs of the corpse, and wheel it with them with the hopes of exposing Tarneja. Suddenly the body disappears. Later they find out that the body is with Tarneja’s rival builder, Ahuja who had accidentally carries the coffin tied to his car and shift it to his farm house. They provide this information to Shobha, who in turn starts to blackmail Tarneja for a ransom amount. He invites Shobha and her associates to crack a deal and plants a bomb to kill them.

Unfortunately the bomb explodes right in the face of Tarneja and his employees and the trio escape from the scene. Then the duo take the corpse, and wheel it with them, but not before Tarneja, Ahuja, the new Mun. Comm. Srivastava, Shobha and others also get involved – resulting in a comic mix-up with burkha-clad woman.

The climax is set upon a stage dramatization of Mahabharat, which hilariously turns into the ill-fated romance of Salim and Anarkali – with the corpse taking the part of Draupadi and Anarkali, and the vile Duryodan pledging to save Drupadi’s honor at any cost! What will be the fate of the corpse and our hapless heroes must be seen to be believed!

Stars upon this Earth (2007) Taare Zameen Pur (Hindi)


Mr Aamir Khan returns with his first movie of the year 2007 . To the un-initiated Aamir Khan has been one of Indian cinema or Bollywood’s most bankeable star, a star whose appeal is matched only with his legendary elusiveness and remarkably low output in movies. His production venture Lagaan came close to winning the best Oscar for foriegn language movie a couple of years ago.

So when Aamir Khan returns to the screen with his maiden directorial venture on a boy with dylexia and an art teacher who cures him , the faithful que up to gather tickets just as much as they would for a Grateful  Dead concert.

And to be pleasantly surprised. Yes , the movie has the standard song and dance numbers of Bollywood. Above all, it show cases emotions of the dylexic but brilliant lead actor Ishaan Awasthi ,his Type A over achiever dad, his hapless teachers and the one man art teacher hero.Fed up with his lack of progress, the sensitive but eccentric boy is sent off to a boarding school where he meets his art teacher .

 Sugary sweet at times , and almost cliched in the speed at which dylexia is cured,the movie is an important message for India with its combative competitive exams and lack of understnding for alternative careers and problems like spelling dis orders.

 The camera work is nifty , with some over use of slow motion, selective focus and sweeping shots of scenic beauty…but Mr Khan seems destined to be India’s answer to Clint Eastwood as an actor -director. Watch stars upon the earth, as an ideal Christmas season movie.