Review-The Dark knight

The much anticipated sequel to Batman begins- and Heath Ledger’s last movie is evrything you waited for and more. Ledger makes his Joker so very own, you forget Jack ever did that at as funny man. A gaunt looking Batman battles media, politicians ,hype, mafia and Joker to the point you almost feel worried for the caped fellow.

Some references to Telecom companies used for spying, some ground zero like shots of buildings collapsed, some Chinese thugs who steal money, and you wish Hollywood escaped reality and politics. But enter the Joker and he captures the screen space to the point of overshadowing anyone else. Many a critic has predicted Oscars for best actors. Thats for you to judge as you say hello to the Dark Knight and goodbye to Heath Ledger in this most splendid action hero movie of the year. There is no Katie holmes to distract you while the otherwise perfect cast returns with Bale,Caine,Oldman and Freeman to push the franchise forward.


The action is breathtaking and unrelenting, the suspense builds up till it echoes the lovely soundtrack and Batman returns as the Dark Knight of Gotham.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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