Bollywood Movie Review Dum Maro Dum 2011

This is a nice Bollywood thriller, crime action romance betrayal suspense or as we call it back home- a Masala movie.

Watch it for the action, engrossing plot, songs or just the rather realistic look at India’s drug,rave, party, beach culture in Goa. Continue reading “Bollywood Movie Review Dum Maro Dum 2011”

Movie Review- Dabangg

This movie falls in the must -see category. Not for cinematic excellence, or a great action choreography, not for the terrific Bollywood Song and Dance,

an excellent debut by Arbaaz Khan (as Producer), Abhinav Kashyap (Anurag Kashyap’s brother) as Director or even Shotgun Sinha’s Daughter, lovely Sonakshi Sinha’s charming looks. But for great clean wholesome entertainment- Dabang tells us why we loved Movies in the first place.

Salman Khan- the muscular good looking hunk turns his best performance in a tour de force. Watch it right away- it’s currently breaking all movie turnout records in India.

Tale of Two Apps

Whom to follow on Twitter- Google Follow Finder vs Twitter’s own Twitter Suggests


(Twitter Suggests thinks I like following celebrities- Cricketers and Bollywood Stars- while Google Friend Follow (a Google Labs App- thinks I like to follow Data Techies)

Google Wins!

Movie Review: Lafangey Parinday (Rouge Birds)


Unlike earlier movies/reviews- this one is an out and out Bollywood masala movie- include suspense- drama-action-romance-songs. Neil Nitin Mukesh gives up his clean choco boy look to play a street boxer, who accidentally knocks down his neighbour Pinky Palakar (played by Deepika Padukone)- a feisty Mumbai gal who dreams of leaving her shanty by skate dancing into India Got Talent.- a TV show (where you vote by sms kinds). Girl goes blind- so boxer hero turns partner dancer to help her.  Rest is all song and dance.

Very forgettable time-pass movie- but overall feel good. Not all movies can be cerebal, na? Hero always wins 😉

Movie Review- Peepli Live

A brilliant satire on Modern day India and impact of it’s progress on Agricultural India- the movie lampoons the multiple media channels that have mushroomed up, the various issues regarding India’s social welfare ‘schemes’ and of course the fact that 100,000 farmers have committed suicide and 8 million farmers have left farming since the economic reforms created progress- without being heavy and sometimes being cheeky at Indian Politicians , and Bureaucrats in general.

Watch it- its  a better quality Bollywood movie.