Review: Once upon a time in Mumbaai

This is a 70’s era Bollywood movie with two fine actors pitted in a classic genre- stylish mafia drama. An ensemble supporting cast, pretty images to see a classic not so crowded Bombay (as it was called)- it actually draws inspiration from real life gangsters. With fine music and good action as well, this movie can be good for your time-

Movie Review – BBudah Hoga Tera Baap (or Your Daddy is old)

Movie Review – BBudah Hoga Tera Baap (or Your Daddy is old)

This one is  a scene stealer by the Big Amitabh Bachchan, who plays a retired gangster back in Mumbai for one last gig.With his manners, his slapstick, his dance and still his panache at executing action scenes, Mr Bachchan proves who is the big daddy of Bollywood. The movie seems a celebration of his 4 decades career, including references to his left hand shooting revolver, his wit, his dance, his legendary songs.

Watch it to celebrate Bollywood and the Indian way of shooting film.


Movie Review : Rajneeti (Politics)

When one of the oldest action stories in the world, the Mahabharata ( a Sanskrit epic is mashed together with some inspired Michael Corleone like scenes from the Godfather) the result is another hearland drama from Prakash Jha. With an ensemble cast from Nasseerudin Shah, to Nana Patekar, Manoj Bajpai, Ajay Devgan with some inspired acting from Arjun Rampal, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor- this one is worth a dekko at a theatre near you. With twists and turns, almost very little music, and action galore along with dramatic scenes subtly mixed in a chutney flavor- Rajneeti shows Politics at its worst and Bollywood movie making  at it’s best.

and yes Katrina Kaif does look like Sonia Gandhi, but the story is clearly influenced from Karna and Duryodhana from the Mahabharata, and if you are a movie buff you would snicker at the Godfather scenes (like the breaking of the jaw at the hospital, the dead horse er body in the bed etc). This one is the latest hit here in India.

Stars upon this Earth (2007) Taare Zameen Pur (Hindi)


Mr Aamir Khan returns with his first movie of the year 2007 . To the un-initiated Aamir Khan has been one of Indian cinema or Bollywood’s most bankeable star, a star whose appeal is matched only with his legendary elusiveness and remarkably low output in movies. His production venture Lagaan came close to winning the best Oscar for foriegn language movie a couple of years ago.

So when Aamir Khan returns to the screen with his maiden directorial venture on a boy with dylexia and an art teacher who cures him , the faithful que up to gather tickets just as much as they would for a Grateful  Dead concert.

And to be pleasantly surprised. Yes , the movie has the standard song and dance numbers of Bollywood. Above all, it show cases emotions of the dylexic but brilliant lead actor Ishaan Awasthi ,his Type A over achiever dad, his hapless teachers and the one man art teacher hero.Fed up with his lack of progress, the sensitive but eccentric boy is sent off to a boarding school where he meets his art teacher .

 Sugary sweet at times , and almost cliched in the speed at which dylexia is cured,the movie is an important message for India with its combative competitive exams and lack of understnding for alternative careers and problems like spelling dis orders.

 The camera work is nifty , with some over use of slow motion, selective focus and sweeping shots of scenic beauty…but Mr Khan seems destined to be India’s answer to Clint Eastwood as an actor -director. Watch stars upon the earth, as an ideal Christmas season movie.