Games on Google Plus get- Faster, Higher, Stronger

I am spending some time and some money on two games on Google Plus. One is Crime City at which I talk about in this post

and Global Warfare (which is similar to Evony of the bad ads fame, and I will write on that in another post)

But the total number of games at Google Plus is increasingly and quietly getting better. It seems there is a distinct preference for existing blockbuster games , from both Zynga and non Zynga sources Even though Google is an investor in  Zynga, it clearly wants Google plus to avoid being so dependent on Zynga as Facebook clearly is.

Gaming is what feeds a lot of social networks , the number of total users on social networks  is an ok statistic , but it is the number of game playing users that bring home the butter on online social networks and website. Of course in game analytics is the new and separate fork from web analytics, which itself is an offshoot from business intelligence/analytics.

There were only  ~16 games on Google Plus when I first wrote about them at on August 19,2011, there are now still 18 games available at

But the new games are both very suceesful franchines one is a direct rip of Evony from and the other is from Zynga

The game had 100,000 players on its launch day making it Zynga’s largest launch ever at the time of its release.[5] On January 2, 2011, it reached the most monthly active users for an application ever on Facebook, beating Farmville’sprevious record although numbers may drop as its release date was exactly a month prior

Clearly this space is going to heat up. So keep watching for more free fun!

New games
<<———————————-NEW GAME
Global Warfare
 <<———————————-NEW GAME



Author: Ajay Ohri

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