Forecasting World Events Team

a large and diverse panel of forecasters, including substantial representation from government, academia, “think tanks,” and industry. Here are a few other details concerning your fellow participants:
  • At this time, over 600 people are being invited to participate. Please note that we expect that new participants will be joining the panel on a rolling basis for years to come.
  • Around 85% of these 600+ participants have at least a Bachelor’s degree, and over 60% of them have advanced degrees.
  • In terms of background training, participants represent a range of academic fields. Around 40% report a Social-Behavioral Science background, but there is also significant representation from those with backgrounds in Business (15%), the Humanities (13%), Engineering (12%), and the Natural Sciences (10%), among others.
  • The average participant age is 43 years-old, with a standard deviation of 15 years.
  • The panel’s gender composition is 75% men / 25% women, and this closely mirrors the gender ratio for all FWE registrants.
  • In addition to participation from individuals overseas, we are pleased to have eligible participants representing 44 of the 50 United States.
We are currently scheduled to begin the core forecasting study in late summer, a few months later than we initially anticipated. In the meantime, we will be readying our web-based forecasting environment and assembling our initial set of forecasting questions. As our formal launch date approaches, we will be contacting you with a link to the forecasting website and any other information you’ll need to get started. Between now and then we may reach out to you with other related announcements.
Finally, registration remains open, and we encourage you to “spread the word” by sharing our registration homepage link with your friends and colleagues.
Thanks once again for your interest in Forecasting World Events. We look forward to you joining us this summer.
The Forecasting World Events Team
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The confidentiality of this message cannot be guaranteed.

ps- above message was from this new contest. Enter at your initiative. Buyer Beware!.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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