From my bed- POEM

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Tucked in a hospital neatly sanitized

Stowed away from society in a medical compromise

Between the forces of destiny, decay and medical molecular action

Awaiting the prognosis as I am soundly exorcized

Grand delusions realistic illusions and promise of hope

Lift my mood when every other chemical has tried and failed

Prayer helps, so do online afar friendly people,

Hang on buddy, get back on track after being derailed

We need you more than your needers did

We love you more than any of your lovers will

Your dreadful prose, mundane wit, hilarious code

Have made you a daily part of our life though online still

Blog on, dog gone, be inspired, be still

Calmly heal, than slowly mend

We will wait with patience

Till your hospice stint will painless end.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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