Software- Appls and Bugs

Some time ago I had written on a Twitter application bubble (actually it was a year ago here at

The automatic Twitter follow /unfollow (or atleast the automated unfollow ) was used by Twitter App (which is quite old- so it was a surprise when Twitter blamed the recent 0 followers 0 floowing on a bug which allows automated following) and the RSS automated reader is used by (among others). I accidently created/revealed a bug in 2009  with the hash command #rstats which is used as a search index in twitter’s search engine) when I basically married a lot of RSS feeds pertaining to R and added the #rstats with them to the alternative twitter handle (Rarchive) . I did the same with the #sas with Sascommunity (which I later donated on request back to that community Basically this had the temporary effect of skewing search results for these search terms for a day (till Twitter fixed it).

As Twitter evolves from a well funded startup to a business- and tries to become more structured from chaotic flux, such bugs will continue to evolve. Bugs and especially software bugs are meant to be fixed (or squashed). This by no means should be a relection on the health of the software service (here- Twitter). Indeed the biggest worry is a mainstream software that has no flexibility for creative third party applications and thinks that it is bug-free. Perfect software exists in a perfect world- and delusional perfection can be dangerous thinking especially for software with clients (even more for statistical software).

Which stats softwares are you using and how confident you are that the bugs are being resolved openly?

Author: Ajay Ohri

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