Segmenting Models : When and Why

Creating segmented models in SAS is quite easy, with a by group processing . It is less easy in other softwares , but that is understandable given that

the first generic rule of segmentation is

1) each segment has statistically similar characteristics .

2) different segments have statistically different characteristics .

This means that just using Proc freq to
check response rate versus
independent variable is not a good way
to check the level of difference.
Proc univariate with plot option and
a by group processing
is actually a better way to test out
because it is a combination of means ,
median analysis 
(measures of central value) but also
box plot ,normal distributions and standard deviations
(measures of dispersion).

Proc freq with cross tab is incredibly powerful to decide whether to create a model in the first place. But fine tuning of decisions on segments is better done with proc univariate. The SAS equivalent for clustering of course remains Proc Fastclus and family which will be dealt in a separate post.

(Note :lovely image that explains the above from Dr Ariel Shamir’s home page (he is a research expert on Visual Succinct Representation of Information   ————-from Israel, land of the brave and intelligent).

A Picture is truly worth a thousand words (or posts !).)

If America had a Queen and other stuff

If America had a Queen, and a King.

—–Would Price Charles be called Prince Charlie. Would Prince William be called Prince Bill.

If God could do anything

—–Could he make stone so heavy that he couldnot lift it himself.

If the Devil convinced everyone he didnot exist

—–Would Satan and Santa be spelled the same.

If you had to live your life again

—–Would you spend less time on the internet and more time with your family.

If the English copyrighted the English language just like people copyright anything they create-

Would we pay 1 cent per word, or switch to Chinese (because Chinese would be cheaper).

If you are getting very bored

—–Would you read the next post. Or wouldnt you ?

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Blogger’s Block and Better Blogging

Some tips for beating blogger’s block.

Patience -Everyone gets blogger ‘s block. This too shall pass .

Fermented Idea -When your ideas are hot , don’t publish immediately. Use the draft posts – they are there for a purpose.

Timing -Use and manipulate time stamps to space out your good posts.

Make your blog better by doing the following

Think and invest-Use free software for analysis at lower traffics and higher ,cost softwares for higher traffic.

Dos-Use wordpress – it is good. Or any software .But do avoid big big links.

Earn when you burn-Use ad sense or Yahoo or at least 1 ad software even though your blog is non commercial.

 Dont kid yourself-Free Blogging in my view is against the principles of economics as your time and your readers time has a value ” There is no such thing as a free lunch”

Work smart is better than work hard-Use basic Search Engine Optimization (also known as GBO or Google Bot Optimization after the Yahoo-Google deal).

The simple little things-Avoid spelling mistakes. .Use spell check.

First Impressions-Titles should be catchy but to the point.

Give The Reader a break-Use the RSS or Email subscriber to avoid hit and run visitors.

Parting Shots-Sum up the post in last two sentences.

Pictures vs a 1000 Words-Use at least one graphic per page to increase appeal. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Uh -Oh—Trust in God but use anti spam software.

Network on the Net-Read other blogs , comment . Praise lavishly and avoid criticism-leave that to the rest of the world. What goes around in the online world often comes around in the offline world.

 Techie Tip-Use the more <—-> tag in WordPress to build suspense in reader if he reads just the first four sentences. First impression will be the last impression.

Now that you have a better blog, get back to blogging….:)

Pretty Fly for A Website Guy

And so we decided one day , that our website is going astray.

We brushed off our HTML help, only to mess up website ourself

CSS,Java, Widgets, Themes,linkware,Copyright Policy

Ever felt so overwhelmed by trying to create a website that you

1) handed some hard earned money to smoother talking web designer

2) didnot make the website at all.

I am not talking about professional or organization websites who truly deserve the aesthetic value that comes from customized design , and functions. I am talking of people who need more serious platforms than blogs and wont ever , ever make money out of it..and didnot want to earn money from the website anyways.

Well basic steps to make a website are in the January 2008 Post—

This new  post  now talks about revamping design of neglected websites without neglecting too much quality time for yourself and family. We are assuming you used wordpress because its the fastest SEO enabled content software for smaller websites.

Select and upload your wordpress theme from the official site itself-

A) modifying wordpress themes-

Its painful but should be done.

Try going the widget route.

If your new pretty wordpress theme is not widget enabled ,try these three steps

superbly mentioned here-

1) create functions.php by pasting these lines

if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) )

into a notepad file and

saving it as use qutation marks “functions.php”    “

And then upload to the wp-content/themes/”pretty theme in this case” folder .

upload using the filezilla software mentioned in .

2) Add Widgets to Dynamic Sidebar – go to design -theme- “pretty theme in question “-widgets using the new wordpress dashboard. Now use whatever widgets you want including pasting custom stuff like adsense,feedburner forms , in the text widgets.

3)Add Dynamic Sidebar to Template -go to design -theme- “pretty theme in question “-edit theme

Paste this in the sidebar.php

<?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’)
|| !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?>
<?php endif; ?>

B) Using some HTML help for tweaking fonts within the theme

The following site is good for basic HTML copy and paste tweaking.

3) Knowing when to stop designing the pretty website. If you need more help, call a professional but with more money. If you are taking more than 1 week with dedicated 1 hour daily or 7 work hours, call in a pro or change to a new wordpress theme.

And speaking of fun and simple websites please check out who have great cartoons and very nice linking policy as well.

Statistically Speaking

To call in the statistician after the experiment is done may be no more
than asking him to perform a post-mortem examination: he may be able to
say what the experiment died of.
~ Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher

The plural of anecdote is not data.
~ Roger Brinner

The combination of some data and an aching desire for an answer does not
ensure that a reasonable answer can be extracted from a given body of
~ John Tukey

In God we trust , All others must bring data

Statistics are like a bikini, what they reveal is not as important as what they hide.

There are three kinds of lies- lies, true lies, and statistics.

Three statisticians went to hunt deer. On finding a deer, the first statistician shot a bullet but hit  3 ft to the left,the second statistician shot a bullet and hit 3 ft to the right. The third statistician shouted and said ” We got him , We got him”.

Numbers dont lie, people do.

You may choose your opinion but the facts must remain the same for all.

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