Blogger’s Block and Better Blogging

Some tips for beating blogger’s block.

Patience -Everyone gets blogger ‘s block. This too shall pass .

Fermented Idea -When your ideas are hot , don’t publish immediately. Use the draft posts – they are there for a purpose.

Timing -Use and manipulate time stamps to space out your good posts.

Make your blog better by doing the following

Think and invest-Use free software for analysis at lower traffics and higher ,cost softwares for higher traffic.

Dos-Use wordpress – it is good. Or any software .But do avoid big big links.

Earn when you burn-Use ad sense or Yahoo or at least 1 ad software even though your blog is non commercial.

 Dont kid yourself-Free Blogging in my view is against the principles of economics as your time and your readers time has a value ” There is no such thing as a free lunch”

Work smart is better than work hard-Use basic Search Engine Optimization (also known as GBO or Google Bot Optimization after the Yahoo-Google deal).

The simple little things-Avoid spelling mistakes. .Use spell check.

First Impressions-Titles should be catchy but to the point.

Give The Reader a break-Use the RSS or Email subscriber to avoid hit and run visitors.

Parting Shots-Sum up the post in last two sentences.

Pictures vs a 1000 Words-Use at least one graphic per page to increase appeal. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Uh -Oh—Trust in God but use anti spam software.

Network on the Net-Read other blogs , comment . Praise lavishly and avoid criticism-leave that to the rest of the world. What goes around in the online world often comes around in the offline world.

 Techie Tip-Use the more <—-> tag in WordPress to build suspense in reader if he reads just the first four sentences. First impression will be the last impression.

Now that you have a better blog, get back to blogging….:)

Author: Ajay Ohri

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