Linux for busy people

For people who always wanted to try out Linux but never had the time or the energy ( or courage to risk  moving to a Linux only environment) here is a great application which allows you to keep Linux as well as Windows for double booting environment . You need 256 mb ram and 5 gb hard disk and you are good to go. It is a single click download and install to try out Ubuntu Linux and it preserves your Windows too.

If you wanted to try out R with Linux , then it is an easy way out for you ( and me).

Saves quite a lot of money per desktop per OS and per office productivity software.

Sounds good to be true – well the site is

Here are some screenshots courtesy of the site itself-

Ubuntu Desktop Preview

And if you need to install your favorite applications (like R , Subversion) and don’t want to command line your way the solution is quite simple – It is called Synaptic and it is free and downloadable here

Compression Tips

1) Stuck with Huge Datasets in SAS.

Use SAS Code,

Options compress=yes

2)Stuck with huge datasets in UNIX Space.

Use compress “filename.extension”

3) Huge data in Windows- Use the following utility

Use 7 Zip.Open source

You don’t need to register or pay for 7-Zip.


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