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A nice place to search for applications that can help save time on useful and fun time wasting activities 🙂

A great startup from Israel, land of the brave and intelligent.


Social Media is surely helping provide a host of application provider, content aggregation as well as marketing opportunities.

The Wikipedia page for Social media was viewed 48,155 times from March 10 through April 8.

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This is the site that inspired All-Top.com (see footer at the site )

the buzz making focused aggregator website by Guy Kawasaki that is beating Google News and older aggregators currently.

Very very stylish and recommended . Winner of 2007 Webby Award. You can use it to see practically what is happening across major sites here http://popurls.com/

The Best things are for Free

You need feedback. To improve your process.To improve your client satisfaction.To know what your employees think.

But the Boss did not sanction any budget. He never studied market research in business school.

Help is here. A website called www.surveymonkey.com

Very easy ,award wining design for professional surveys. For free .

For the pros ,the paid version. But the free version is very very good.

Dont believe me, huh 

Take a 2 min survey here.Took me 3 mins to register,make survey. For free.

<a href=”http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=N1WEpxNqvKdKPPK_2f3Glwvg_3d_3d”>Click Here to take survey</a>


Pretty Fly for A Website Guy

And so we decided one day , that our website is going astray.

We brushed off our HTML help, only to mess up website ourself

CSS,Java, Widgets, Themes,linkware,Copyright Policy

Ever felt so overwhelmed by trying to create a website that you

1) handed some hard earned money to smoother talking web designer

2) didnot make the website at all.

I am not talking about professional or organization websites who truly deserve the aesthetic value that comes from customized design , and functions. I am talking of people who need more serious platforms than blogs and wont ever , ever make money out of it..and didnot want to earn money from the website anyways.

Well basic steps to make a website are in the January 2008 Post— https://decisionstats.com/2008/20-steps-to-creating-a-website-business/

This new  post  now talks about revamping design of neglected websites without neglecting too much quality time for yourself and family. We are assuming you used wordpress because its the fastest SEO enabled content software for smaller websites.

Select and upload your wordpress theme from the official site itself- http://themes.wordpress.net/

A) modifying wordpress themes-

Its painful but should be done.

Try going the widget route.

If your new pretty wordpress theme is not widget enabled ,try these three steps

superbly mentioned here-


1) create functions.php by pasting these lines

if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) )

into a notepad file and

saving it as use qutation marks “functions.php”    “

And then upload to the wp-content/themes/”pretty theme in this case” folder .

upload using the filezilla software mentioned in https://decisionstats.com/2008/20-steps-to-creating-a-website-business/ .

2) Add Widgets to Dynamic Sidebar – go to design -theme- “pretty theme in question “-widgets using the new wordpress dashboard. Now use whatever widgets you want including pasting custom stuff like adsense,feedburner forms , in the text widgets.

3)Add Dynamic Sidebar to Template -go to design -theme- “pretty theme in question “-edit theme

Paste this in the sidebar.php

<?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’)
|| !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?>
<?php endif; ?>

B) Using some HTML help for tweaking fonts within the theme

The following site is good for basic HTML copy and paste tweaking. http://www.w3schools.com/HTML/html_fonts.asp

3) Knowing when to stop designing the pretty website. If you need more help, call a professional but with more money. If you are taking more than 1 week with dedicated 1 hour daily or 7 work hours, call in a pro or change to a new wordpress theme.

And speaking of fun and simple websites please check out www.thadguy.com who have great cartoons and very nice linking policy as well.


This is www.lifeblob.com. Entry is by invites only (a bit like Gmail’s launch). It’s a bit like Plurk in the horizontal style of the posts except for a big difference. I can import my blog (www.decisionstats.com for me) in this and all posts are imported in a time bound manner. I can zoom in and out and even tag my connections with relevant posts.Click on the screen shot if you want a better view.

And yes I can import Gmail and Yahoo address books to (which i did= and sent an invite to my top 3500 friends only).  What’s more you can expand the posts (so you are not limited to 140 words only).

Big Drawback- Only One Blog can be imported . Well suppose I wanted to import all blogs I like to read (reading is an equally part of my life as writing , right) .Other big drawback- I had to manually click update 85 times for my 85 posts on Decision Stats.The love kind of softened there.

Good things- once I am done, i can pretty well zoom in and out. So its like a enhanced blog reader for me, an online journal, a micro blog hence the name -lifeblob.

I wonder how they measure the online metrics for these- time spent ,number of accounts,number of posts, number of friends,number of invites,number of tags to friends, number of readers of posts etc.

One more thought- Can we use softwares like these to track project progress as like a wiki.Import the RSS feed of the project wiki/project Google Site page. Just kidding! Check it out if  you want to have a better way to organize your blog, or just keep a good online journal.

Best Marketing Website of 2008

Note- This is not an endorsement. This website is most effective in its purpose and utilizes many cutting web 2.0 tools. This is purely a technical evaluation.

We liked the other newly revamped website as well. Great theme design and better graphics but

a bit too loaded.Given the rise in budgets and dependence on survey data, analytical targeting, political

response models might just be around by 2012 !!

Have a happy 4th July if you are from the US.