This is Entry is by invites only (a bit like Gmail’s launch). It’s a bit like Plurk in the horizontal style of the posts except for a big difference. I can import my blog ( for me) in this and all posts are imported in a time bound manner. I can zoom in and out and even tag my connections with relevant posts.Click on the screen shot if you want a better view.

And yes I can import Gmail and Yahoo address books to (which i did= and sent an invite to my top 3500 friends only).  What’s more you can expand the posts (so you are not limited to 140 words only).

Big Drawback- Only One Blog can be imported . Well suppose I wanted to import all blogs I like to read (reading is an equally part of my life as writing , right) .Other big drawback- I had to manually click update 85 times for my 85 posts on Decision Stats.The love kind of softened there.

Good things- once I am done, i can pretty well zoom in and out. So its like a enhanced blog reader for me, an online journal, a micro blog hence the name -lifeblob.

I wonder how they measure the online metrics for these- time spent ,number of accounts,number of posts, number of friends,number of invites,number of tags to friends, number of readers of posts etc.

One more thought- Can we use softwares like these to track project progress as like a wiki.Import the RSS feed of the project wiki/project Google Site page. Just kidding! Check it out if  you want to have a better way to organize your blog, or just keep a good online journal.

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